Leo Woman and Gemini Man

A Gemini and a Leo makes a strong bond of attachment and friendship. They share a common sense of fun in love as both of them are playful lovers. But Gemini’s love of variety may leave Leo feeling a little threatened, simply because Leo desires to be the center of attention.

The Gemini man is impossible to pin down. He is strongly intellect but at the same time it makes more sense to Gemini man to be a jack-of-all-trades and master of none simply because it might involve doing that thing forever. He is very intellectual being and likes to play mind games. He is wandering sort and is much happier moving from one realm of life to another than to settle down with one specific thing. Gemini man basically has a boyish heart which never truly grows up. Even in a relationship he hates getting tied up and gives the same freedom to his lady as well.

Warmly generous and truly feminine, a Leo woman is soft but strong woman who stands tall. She is a born possessor and leader, tends to try to tame almost everyone around her. A Leo woman is definitely something very different and attention follows her everywhere whether she wants it or not. Flattering a Leo woman is just the right key to her heart. Even though she needs her lover to be stronger than she is, she wants to possess him as well as have faith in its entirety. He is needed to cherish her, at least when “expected” and in turn, let her shower him with affection.

Leo Woman and Gemini Man Compatibility

A great degree of compatibility reflects in the relationship of Gemini man and Leo woman. Both the individuals of this love match love to be the centre of attraction and like socializing. Boredom will never dare to infringe the compatibility of this relationship. However, she will have to shrug her suspicious nature and learn to let him have his own space for movement and in turn he will have to reign in his flirtatious tendencies. She needs to shower him with affection and avoid being jealous.

A Leo woman makes just the very similar kind of match for the Gemini man. Gemini man and Leo woman share in expensive tastes from the conversations they speak to the clothes they dress in. They are very much into travel and the arts and would not think twice about spending the money they have to possess such things. To go along with this lavish lifestyle, the duo seems to equally possess the ability to get what they want. A Leo woman needs to tame her Gemini man in some manner and show him just how unique and special she can be which she does by putting forth that loving quality she is so good at. This is not a difficult task for her as she is naturally appealing to most. If she does indeed love him, she needs to keep up with his mind as well as with his body.

A Gemini man makes a very stimulating and encouraging partner for his Leo woman. In love with her, he enjoys talking, and his Leo appreciates the easy flow of communication between both of them. Gemini man compromises and lets her take the spotlight in the public eye. This won’t be the most difficult task for Gemini man as he is not overly possessive to begin with. He merely sees this as another part of the amazing qualities that make up his Leo woman. Moreover, he himself is a charmer and with his smooth talks that he does with a silver tongue; he can influence his Leo woman for anything he wants. As much as he likes to wander and move about in his ever changing lifestyle, there are things he senses as intriguing and special. His constant change of pace is difficult for Leo woman to pin down but once she makes him realize just how amazing she can be, he stops dead in his tracks and once he realizes she is the only woman he ever wants, he becomes the most reliable partner.

Gemini man and Leo woman has a unity that is fun and amazing at the same time. Their differences keep things interesting in that one enjoys entering into the other’s world. The fire of the Leo woman provides enough warmth to her Gemini man, to keep him intact and make him steadier than ever before. Similarly, with his airy nature, the Gemini man teaches his Leo woman to discover new aspects of life and enjoy every moment. Together they can create a paradise where love and friendship both exists unconditionally with complete faith and devotion in such a way that none feels tied or insecure. They create bliss of happiness around them and stay completely attached to each other promising never ending love and faith in their unison and enjoying everything that world has to offer to them.

The sexual relationship of Gemini man and Leo woman can actually turn out to be a very alluring one to most of the passionate couples. A satisfied Leo woman shows extreme passion and affection to her lover. Her sensuality flows with ease if her Gemini man shows her the finesse and delicacy she craves. Gemini man has just what his Leo woman needs as well as being a great lover through entertainment and imagination. This makes a highly satisfied sexual relationship in the beginning but with time, this relationship, however, does not go without compromise on both sides. Gemini man’s inability to stay as true to his Leo woman as she would want him to be causes her to turn her cold shoulder to him. This includes infidelity as well as mere flirting. Gemini man must stay as true to her as he can be. Although their love making occurs quite often, Leo woman’s insatiable hunger is not completely satisfied with her Gemini man in the state of mind he is in, therefore he must at least show her quite often that he can’t resist her and give her complete devotion and physical display of love.

If there is going to be any long term permanency in this relationship, Leo woman has to work hard in taming this wild and wandering creature. The frivolous lifestyle of Gemini man is not tolerated by her. He is not so easily tamed however. His charm and silver tongue gets him out of almost any situation he doesn’t want to be caught in. What he didn’t account for is the fact that Leo woman has one up on her Gemini man. Her sense of natural attraction turns his head before she even tries to rope him into her life. She only has to convince him that she is not after his independence. This will be difficult for her to do as she actually does want his complete and undivided attention, but if she can compromise this and let herself be a strong part of his world then this relationship can work. For a long term relationship there will need to be compromises on both parts and even an external factor such as a family or financial commitments.

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