Uranus in Leo

With Uranus in Leo there is increased energy and boldness. Because of Leo’s fixed quality, stubbornness may be a problem. Self-confidence is boosted, and sometimes there is a liking for power. If properly managed, a talent for leadership arises. These individuals often have a creative flair.

Uranus was in Leo only seven years since the mid-1800’s, from June 1956 to August 1962. The rebels were born during this period: strong-willed and a law unto themselves. If Uranus is well aspected, you’re high minded and full of spirit. If afflicted, you’ve got to have your own way and will be fighting with the world until you master your self and learn to serve some higher principle, purpose, or ethic.

You’ve got a great deal of vitality and force to your purpose, insight into personal freedom, and unique ways to enjoy or express yourself. You’re outspoken, dramatic, regal, and have new ways of lovemaking, raising kids and caring for animals. Uranus returns to each sign once every 84 years.

Planets in Leo