Asteroids in Leo

The asteroid in Дущ belt consists of innumerable objects that orbit in a diffuse belt between Mars and Jupiter. By the patterns of our solar system and the laws of harmonics reflected in the planetary orbits, we deduce that the asteroids are fragments of a planet which once occupied that orbit and for whatever reason broke apart and disintegrated. Many modern astrologers include asteroids in their astrological delineations.

Chiron in Leo

Chiron in Leo - You need to bring about the fullest potential in the instinctive and protective way in which you deal with the way you enjoy yourself. The answer lies in the missing part of something you have. It may be that, for instance, you are seek pleasure too avidly and need to explore its opposite. You could be denying yourself pleasure and need to enjoy yourself more. The solution may involve enthusiasm and optimism.

Vesta in Leo

Vesta In Leo is the Queen/Priestess/willing to give all for love and heart connection. This Vesta carries creativity, passion, power and a strong willfulness within its sacred energy. Vesta in Leo is proud and gives from the heart and soul and can sometimes be caught in the lessons of pride, and must learn what she can do and what has to be handed over to a higher power than herself.

Ceres in Leo

Ceres in Leo feels nurtured and nurtures others by expressing personal talents, creativity, and independence. The parent with Ceres in Leo takes care of the child by encouraging a sense of self-confidence. Under stressful aspects, this placement can lead to a feeling of inadequacy over one’s creations, or what one takes pride in. Ceres in Leo feels nurtured when personal efforts are appreciated.

Attention, respect, and admiration will make this one feel nurtured. Put on a show for their benefit. Better yet, make them a participant. Leo’s motto is "Nothing but the best". It may be expensive sometimes, but that will make Ceres in Leo feel nurtured. If you want to go via a cheaper route to satisfy someone with this placement, do something to make them the center of attention and admiration.

Gives a strong life support system with a natural creative energy. Both a love of and a respect for children and nature are found. There is also the ability to work creatively with the hands in such fields as gardening, weaving and pottery. Here are our life squad volunteers, PTA workers and ecology promoters.

These people identify nurturance with self-expression. Ideally, the parents will foster in the child a sense of pride, confidence in his / her ability, and an appreciation for the creative efforts of others. These people can nurture others by helping them to express their creativity - thereby making a unique impression upon the outer world. Self-acceptance is based upon one’s ability to create and share something he / she takes pride in. The inability to do so may bring self-rejection and lack of self-confidence.

Eros in Leo

If Eros is in the sign Leo then you’ll experience love, sex and attraction as if it’s all a big show and you are the star. A vibrant fire sign, Eros in Leo will be a passionate lover with a zealous sex life, however the key to turning you on is to stroke your ego. If the flame of ego adoration dims in any relationship then it’s easy for you to turn your attention elsewhere.

Your deepest need in love and sex with Eros in Leo is to be worshipped and admired. Lucky for you, it’s likely that you exude a level of warmth and generous spirit that’s attractive to many so love prospects abound. Love with Eros in Leo is playful and extremely physical but also romantic. You’ll have a natural ability to make anyone you love feel like the most special person on the planet and deliver sexual fireworks. But with Eros in Leo you demand the same in return.

Planets in Leo