Leo Names

Names for Leo can give a person born under the same sign a good performance, to complement the identity of important parameters. With proper selection of name variations can send the fate of such a person in the right direction.

Leo, strong enough, and he promises the auspices of kiddies, respectively, power and strength, both moral and physical, and spiritual. These are always the center of attention, and not on their own, but more often at the call of society. They are welcome in any of the companies, honorable, respected, and always in the lead.

Patience, tranquility, controlled emotion, powerful energy, calm and self-sufficiency, independence and freedom, justice and love of power - these are the main factors of most born under this sign are people. Well, it is added to and many other important characteristics, depending on the name...

Leos, or rather boys with names that mark, imperious and regal, they aspire to leadership and try to be good leaders and successful life. Among the representatives of this sign are many well-known personalities, this policy, kings, and those who hold post of the big boss.

All Lions, without exception, also succumbed to the negative factors, such as narcissism, megalomania growing despotism. Reeducate a man with qualities With these, it is impossible - this can only be put down, and then only by the power of love. Resist love and higher feelings such can not.

The generosity, the ability to think positively and to have fun, generosity, good humor, enormous creative potential - most endowed yet these properties, but they need to develop in childhood. Nourish the Sun appears incredible life force - that’s why some referred to as Leo-born and lucky life. It is by nature not only the owners, but also defenders - for this family will be protected, and the other half will always feel comfortable, even with the incredible self-doubt.

Leo Boy Names

Name Ideas for Leo Boys: Aaron, Aidan, Albert, Apollo, Arthur, Auberon, Augustine, Augustus, Aurelius, Austin, Bowie, Boyd, Brendan, Broderick, Cedric, Cyrus, Daniel, Derek, Dorado, Elroy, Eric, Eugene, Gene, Fairfax, Fitzroy, Galvin, Gautier, Gilbert, Goldwin, Goldwyn, Herbert, Hubert, Jermyn, Kinsey, Lawrence, Laurence, Lorenzo, Leander, Lennox, Léon, Leonard, Lennard, Leonardo, Leroy, Lionel, Linus, Llewellyn, Lewis, Magnus, Maximilian, Max, Meir, Mayer, Phoenix, Raphael, Rex, Reynold, Robert, Roberto, Robin, Roderic, Roderick, Roy, Ryan, Sampson, Samson, Sol, Stephan, Stephen, Steven, Sulwyn, Tiernan, Timon, Tyrone, Ulrich, Victor, Vladimir, Walter.

Men with names suitable Leos prefer to always be different from the others, strive to be ahead of everyone, be the best, to receive awards, prizes, distinctions (still in a field). For themselves they set high standards, carefully pondering future plans, ready for any sacrifice for the sake of their dreams and can even sacrifice his conscience.

Leo gives the names of their owners, such that reward their special attitude to life: they are exacting, not only to themselves but also to everything around them. Men with names for the sign of Leo, will dig in its heels, but try to do any work better than they did before it. Nature has endowed men with names suitable Leos, mind and demanding.

What names fit the Leos? Such, which give their owners the noble traits of character: the immense candor and generosity, and thus attract a lot of people. Men with names for the sign of Leo, can be profound, deep and powerful feelings. The wife then her husband will not be disappointed.

The only thing that needs to know the woman who chose themselves a man named under the sign of Leo, is that it will need to be sure to make it clear to him that she appreciated his man considered his authority to pay much attention to it. If a man of this sign do not appreciate the relationship with them can result in the rapid scandal and this can lead to the breakdown of relationships.

Leo Girl Names

Name Ideas for Leo Girls: Aamor, Adelaide, Albertina, Alberta, Almira, Amber, Apollonia, Augustine, Augusta, Aurelia, Oralie, Berenice, Cressida, Danielle, Daphne, Eileen, Elaine, Eldora, Eleanor, Ella, Ellie, Eliana, Eliane, Erma, Erminia, Ethel, Eugénie, Flavia, Gilda, Gloria, Goldie, Helen, Helena, Ellen, Kira, Laura, Lauren, Leona, Leonora, Lucia, Lucy, Lucinda, Michaela, Michelle, Mora, Morag, Ora, Patricia, Phiberta, Phoenix, Regina, Regan, Gina, Reine, Roberta, Robin, Rose, Rosabel, Rosanne, Ruby, Sarah, Shirley, Stephanie, Tiara, Topaz, Una, Ulrika, Zara, Zarah, Zaria.

A woman with a name suitable Leos usually perfect hostess, a great wife, she loves her children and very caring towards them. What names are suitable for Leo women? These are the names that give them the awesome character traits - generosity, joy of life, and they are very decent. If someone will turn to him, can always count on their help, they will support in difficult times and will require nothing in return.

Women with a name for the sign of Leo are able to sacrifice themselves for "make happy" other. They love to spin in the highest circles. Leo gives its name to owners who give them coquetry, they prefer to primarily male society than women, but at the same time, if they do not like what the suitor, to part with him without delay.

Women with names for the sign of Leo, to your favorite shows generosity, but also demanding. Woo authority in society because of self-confidence, pride, self-reliance and the desire to be always in sight. Men, who chose his chosen one woman with a name suitable for the Leos, need to know that all life will be fighting for the happiness of being close to such a woman, for peace in the family. And then they will be able to carry their entire lives in the soul feelings of first love.

Leo Love Compatibility