Leo in Marriage

Leos want to enjoy marriage to the fullest, just like any other enterprise they they step into. And marriages start with weddings; so whether it’s a man or a woman, the Leo would want to wait for the wedding until enough money is in hand, so that all the arrangements can be made – the full church ceremony, the extravagant reception and the honeymoon – to measure up to the his/her dream wedding. After the wedding, Leos put all their time and effort into making the marriage a fulfilling one. They encourage their partners to follow their convictions and ambitions to the fullest.

However, in doing so, the Leo can himself/herself be imposing his/her convictions on the partner. He/she may get imposing and untolerable to the extreme. And what’s more, when being criticized, he/she will not listen, leave alone owning up to the criticism. And if you are a Leo, you shouldn’t take this the wrong way – it comes naturally to you. In your enthusiasm for the partnership, you get so involved in getting the best out of it that you don’t realize that you’re crossing the line. If the partner is a little less assertive, then the Leo might always have it his/her way and not even realize the fact that it is not at all good for the relationship. In a relationship, what’s more important than deciding on something that’s best for both in a monetary or domestic situation, is there being a balance. In order to do this, the Leo should think of the things that he/she wants most when he/she does something for the spouse, and return the same things when the spouse does something for him/her.

Leos never forget what it was like to be a child, being treated like a child and not being explained things properly. So they never treat their children like children. They treat them the way the wish they were treated – with respect, and in doing so, gain the respect of their children. There will be no baby talk or coochee-cooing when they need to tell their kids they love them, so that a strong, sensible relationship is built right from the start. The parent should only make sure that he/she does not become domineering.

Leo Male as a Husband

He’s the one standing out in a crowd. Yes, he may be a bit loud, but he’s very attractive and making a big impression. Never forget this: Mr Leo needs an audience, even an audience of one will do, and there must be applause and adulation, otherwise he’ll get very cranky, go off his food, and very possibly off you too. All right, he takes a lot of work but when he’s happy and in love there’s no one more generous, adoring and faithful. He really won’t look at another woman once his heart is taken. The Leo man loves the kind of female who is reserved, sophisticated, intelligent and feminine - he needs the nurture and sensuousness of water-sign women and the wisdom and solidness of earth. Then again, he’s such a ladies man, he’s open to a heart to heart with any sign.

Leo Female as a Wife

Women born under this sign can’t bear the thought of neglect by the men they adore and love. Their ultimate motto in life is ‘Love me or I die.’ Care should be taken against hasty marriages. It is advisable, in most cases, that they take time and wait until they are comfortably settled in their life before exchanging marriage vows with someone of equal intellectual and social standing. Leo women love their family truly. While bringing up their children, these women do not seek advice from others. Instead they use their own wisdom and sense. They are tender and gentle with their children and display ferocity toward people who try to cause any grief to their children.

Leo Love Compatibility