Leo Man and Gemini Woman

Leo and Gemini always find things easy and wonderful in the beginning of the bonds they take up with each other. They are both amusing and stimulating with playful nature. They have mutual appreciation and warmth in their relations. But Leo needs a lot of attention and this can create problems for Gemini.

Gemini people have fickle mind which is always changing. They are extremely friendly creatures by nature and want no pain in their life. Gemini people invented the art of sarcasm, sneaking words into their conversation not ever meaning what they say. Their words are mere antics used to charm or sweet-talk their listeners. Gemini people tend to think they have everyone analyzed right down to the very last degree. They run with their own ideas and show everyone, including themselves that they are going full boar down that straight and narrow path to that idea that is until it changes again. They try to convince others, and quite successfully by the way, that they do not think erratically. Fantasy and false interpretation is where the real niche is.

Leo are strikingly admirable personality with a hard head and a soft heart. Their loyalty and kindness is fed by the admiration of others. The Leo may be proud and tough headed but it is easily forgiving when their affection grows above and beyond such superciliousness. Leo tend to constantly try to arrogantly prove to themselves as well as others that they are as brave inside as others see them to be. Amazingly, each and every time there is a crisis situation they surprise themselves in pulling through with this courage even on a more powerful level than they thought possible. The Leo love to be in the spotlight and hold their head up high whenever they are recognized. If one is giving out appreciation, Leo are there to accept each and every time.

Leo Man and Gemini Woman Compatibility

So, Leo try to convince themselves they are as brave as they show and put on and Gemini people are the ones who try to convince themselves they are barreling down that correct path and not frolicking about with idea after different idea. But, they each know what actually lies beneath the surface of the other one. Although, Leo does indeed have the courage and power they show, even though they don’t realize it themselves unless faced with a situation that causes it to arise while running around for spotlight, but Gemini is far too busy chasing their own dreams to worry about anything else. They care about it, and would relish in their own light if it was that important, but they are more apt to move out of the way for their Leo as they stand on the sidelines merely observing quietly. Even though Gemini can draw a crowd and keep them in awe with their art of manipulating words, they tend to stand aside when the vainer Leo steps up for their moment of fame.

Leo understand Gemini people and are sympathetic to their needs to be independent and their desire to play different roles in life. Gemini likes to think of life as a theater of the mind in which they can be a character, the main star, a producer, a musician or even just sideline or backstage help. The one thing that bothers them most is the fact that others do not share in this same compassion for Gemini. Leo may sympathize with their Gemini. While soaking up the Leo’s compassion, Gemini moves in and manipulates Leo with their silver tongued words. Leo, thinking Gemini is as truthful as the Leo is courageous, becomes much closer to the Gemini. They, however, fail to notice the charm and smooth tongued Gemini’s way of manipulation as they entice Leo into giving in and doing what Gemini feels appropriate.

Leo and Gemini follow different patterns in different relations that bound them together. As siblings, friends, colleagues and relatives, they are more a supporter and guide for each other. Gemini always allows Leo to have the entire spotlight and thus makes the Leo even more generous towards Gemini. They have great communication and easy way to give their relation a strong base. Business ventures can not be fairly successful with these two together as they both are extravagant and more dedicated to their personal life. Romantic relation works well for both, especially in the beginning the tuning is very wonderful. Later the Gemini needs to give some more attention to their Leo partner to have a peaceful relationship. Parenthood and childhood are wonderful experiences for both Leo and Gemini people once they have each other around.

The troubles have their way in the relations of Leo and Gemini. In dealing with Gemini’s erratic behavior, in changing so swiftly from one thing to another, tries deeply on Leo’s patience. Leo won’t stand for Gemini’s lack of decency when it comes to running off to find the next best thing when they have not even cleaned up the mess from what they are currently involved in. With the love Leo feels for their Gemini, they make it a point to grab hold of Gemini, shake them up and lecture them into realizing that what they are doing is foolish and asinine. And, although deep down the Gemini knows the Leo is right they do not try to hide the fact that they are annoyed and infuriated at Leo’s words. With a bit of compromise, Leo can learn to bear Gemini’s independent ways and role playing life they like to lead. Gemini people have to take into consideration that perhaps a good grounding is not so bad for relationships worth growing and loving.

Marriage Between Leo Man and Gemini Woman

When a Leo male and Gemini female exchange vows, they enter a completely new world which is decorated with feelings of love, care and affection. Gemini woman understands her Leo male and does everything to make him happy and keep him safe. She is a wonderful companion to him who protects him from the world. He admires his lady and warps his arms around her to keep her safe. He is a marvelous lover who promises to keep her happy. The beauty of their marriage lies in their understanding. They know each other and admire each other’s qualities.

Together, they are able to make every impossible thing possible. Such is the magic of their association. They are able to enjoy every flavor of life and live life to the fullest in each other’s company. The couple may face some ripples in their relationship due to jealousy and ego clashes. Leo man doesn’t get angry with his woman that easily but once he loses his temper, he can be a tough case to deal with. The duo needs to make small compromises to make their relationship work.

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