Leo Man and Aries Woman

Leo and Aries together make a high spirited combination with lots of passion and energy in everything they do together. Appreciation and admiration is always there but they may fall into pride problems and can even have harsh competition among themselves. To maintain peace they both need to adjust and share lime light with each other.

Aries have a prompt attraction that is envied by most people around. They are very generous and have sparks of devotion and loyalty. If there is ever a competition involving an Aries they typically take the trophy. In all aspects of life including love, friendship, business or family they usual come out on top. Aries can also find themselves easily taken advantage of and lack the cautious or suspicious behaviors that would prevent this. They can be big spenders, but not always for themselves. They love to give and give big, which in turn seems to fulfill an internal need and ultimately brings them happiness. The Aries tends to be pretty boastful rubbing the slightest bit of achievement in others faces. Any one who admires the power and strength of the Aries is showered with compliments lifting their spirits.

Leos are full of stamina emotional, mentally and physically. They rarely compete, because they just don’t have to. In all actuality they were born superior to everyone else. They are already natural born leaders and have a fan following. No one should ever fear this superiority of a Leo, because they do not use their powers for bad. Leos have a creativity that is coupled with a strong dominance that gives them a magnificence of attitude and a princely spirit that is unprecedented. They are hardheaded and stubborn also yet their sunny and warm dispositions coax everyone to admire and follow them. They are very generous and warm in their encounters with people. The quickest way to shatter the ego of a Leo is by bragging too much.

Leo Man and Aries Woman Compatibility

Both Leo and Aries have enormous egos that create very dynamic personalities. The Aries and Leo never suffer from boredom when together. They provide one another with constant excitement which each one craves. They struggle while fighting to be the one in charge. The Aries have to learn how to listen respectfully to long educational lectures of the Leo. An Aries struggles to give the Leo the praise they need to feel like the Queen or King on the throne. It is quite hard for the Aries to bow to the throne. With the fiery temper of the Aries and the rage of the Leo there are many moments of battle. The Leo never retreats causing further aggravation to the situation at hand. Leo’s long dissertations can often ignite the short fuse of the Aries fiery temper, but internally they view it as love for each other.

An Aries should also learn to ask the Leo to do things instead of commanding in order to prevent quarrels. One should not be mistaken, as there is a unique admiration between the two. When peace has occurred they are able to show one another eternal loyalty and devotion. Deep down, the Leo knows the Aries has hidden insecurities. At times it is hard for the Leo to not take advantage of this weakness in order to win an argument. If the Leo chooses not to play on the weakness of the Aries, the Aries trusts their need to depend on the Leo. Similarly, the Aries is aware that deep down the Leo is sensitive and warm-hearted and they appreciate it completely. Sharing the warmth of their nature, instead of battling for leadership would help them to have happy healthy relationship.

Leo and Aries go a long way together in many relations with the understanding and timely compromises which they deep inside dislike but have to do for the sake of the bond they share. Friends and colleagues are very warm and protective of each other but at the same time very competitive too as they both like to lead and have all the lime light for their own selves. Family bonds such as siblings, cousins and relatives play cool and smooth unless one of them blocks the way making things tense in the relationship. Business ventures is never a bad idea for both of them as they both love making money and spending it but they need to be more realistic in their approach. Romance is just more than a passion when Leo and Aries are together as they both are very passionate and warm towards the love of their life. They are both generous and protective towards their family and children and love to take care of the little ones, keeping them in discipline and making them achievers in long run.

Since they both are hot headed with a desire to be at the top, there are many moments of struggle in their relationship. The ego of Leo is very hurtful to the Aries who consider that they are the leaders while the bluntness of Aries hurt the sensitive feeling of Leo making them angry and cold. Also the lessons that can be taken smoothly are tangled with the confrontation and this leads to unnecessary disputes between these two. The best scenario would be for the Aries to allow the Leo to educate them and for the Leo to enjoy the warmth, kindness and protection the Aries has to offer. If they put aside their egos and join hands in mutual respect and admiration, they make the best of any bond that they share with each other.

Marriage Between Leo Man and Aries Woman

Marriage between a Leo male and Aries female is full of romance and expression of their love for each other. Her femininity mesmerizes him completely and allows him to empower her with his masculinity. She infuses him with confidence with the power of her love which makes him grow into a better person. He is always generous and soft towards his wife. The make a great couple who is fond of each other’s company. Flavors of excitement keep their bond strong.

They feel strong affinity towards one another and their souls crave to be together. He keeps her safe from the cruel world and gives up his dominance as they mature in their relation. Like any other couple, they also come across times when they get involved into fights and conflicts because of their egos. But even after a bad clash, they are able to reunite and reassure each other of their love and affection. With time, both are able to keep their egos aside and make their association more powerful.

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