How to Attract a Leo Man

One of the major characteristics of a Leo man is that he succumbs to flattery and also craves for it. Therefore, if you wish to get noticed, drop compliments for everything (do not overdo it) and admire him as much as you can. However, try to make it as genuine as possible as he hates phony people. You can even ask him to help you as he generous and will love to take the lead and help those in need (or so he thinks).

Make Him the Center of Your Life

The Leo man, just like the King, always wishes to be the center of attention everywhere and in everything. Therefore, even when in a relationship, you need to show him that he is the only important person in your life and he will always be in your heart. On the surface, the Leo man appears flamboyant having the typical devil-may-care attitude. But, deep inside, he craves for love and wishes to be cared and loved.

Be Adventurous and Social

A Leo man appreciates a female who is equally adventurous and social like him. Therefore, if you love peace or are an indoor kind of girl, think twice before clinging to him. Brush up your manners and social skills and try to enjoy with him at parties and outings. A Leo man will surely fall for a girl who is not only intelligent and good looking, but, also as energetic and enthusiastic as him.

Dress Attractively

Dressing, though not too important, is surely something that a Leo man will hardly fail to notice. Gold is considered as a color that attracts a Leo man and hence, dressing in gold (gold colored clothes or even gold jewelry) can make wonders. You need not dress provocatively to attract him; but, make sure that you stand out in the crowd and he will see you as his potential queen. Also, note that a Leo can get jealous and possessive very easily and fly into rages. So, when dressed impressively for him, make it a point to tell him that it is only for ‘HIM’!

Let Him be the Leader

One of the last tip in the guide on how to attract a Leo guy is to let him be the leader, just like the lion. A Leo man is a man’s man and he will never allow a female to dominate and dictate him. Criticism, sarcasm can make him sad and lonely. If you want to be his girl, make sure to let him have his way and let him be the boss. You can, of course, flatter and admire him to have your way, but you will need to use your feminine charms for the same. These were some of the most effective tips on attracting a Leo man.

Once you have him, try to be his only girl and he will surely treat you like a queen!

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