Leo Woman in Love

The Leo female makes heads turn wherever she goes; she exudes so much energy, warmth, and light that people are naturally drawn to her. Naturally vivacious and witty, she can brighten up any drab place. The feeling of being in love is what makes the world go around for the Lioness. Style is her eternal mantra so she expects her mate to pull out all the stops when wooing her; roses, champagne, moonlit walks, expensive gifts – she wants them all. She thrives on the attention, and being overlooked or ignored is something she will never ever forgive, let alone forget.

While her family and career may seem well-knit, the Leo female tends to have a not-so-perfect love life. And yet, the Leo girl adjusts, as long as she is sure of his eternal commitment. She is a loyalist, and can charm her way into people’s hearts just by the sheer warmth and generosity she offers. It is important for a Leo Female to be in a relationship where she feels respected and loved. She may get so caught up in the moment that she may overlook the signs of heartbreak early on, focusing on the glamour instead.

Leo Woman in Love & Relationships

There is usually something larger than life about a Leo woman, and if that quality is what attracted you to yours then it would be well if you grow up to be match for her. Remember that Leo the Lion is King of the Jungle, and the Leo woman, just as much as the Leo man, needs some sphere of life in which she is in charge and can be valued for what she does. If you have not yet matured enough to be confident in yourself and decisive, but come across as weak and ineffectual, then that may be what she found attractive in you, because that left her in a position to satisfy her need to feel strong and supportive. But as a woman she also wants a man, and if you have not developed masculine qualities she may complain that you are weak. So learn to be confident in yourself as well as letting your woman know that you value her for the person she is.

Of course, your woman’s larger than life quality may be the result of an inflated sense of her own value. When this happens she may be exuberant in her expression of love for you, but you may have an uncomfortable feeling that her love is not worth much, and will fail when you need it most. And you would be right, for true love arises from a mature sense of self-worth, not from an exaggerated display of confidence put on to hide a deep sense of inferiority. This is also the circumstance in which you most need to stand up for yourself rather than allow yourself to be beaten into submission by a "drama queen" display. The manner in which you do so may determine whether she grows in maturity and you keep her, or, in spite of her instinctive loyalty, she withdraws to lick her wounds.

If your life is entwined with that of your Leo woman to any extent you will probably find that the practical necessities of your shared life will only happen if you do them. If you can do them without compromising your own path in life, all well and good. But your woman will probably have lessons to learn on the way about the value of detail, otherwise she may frequently take advantage of you.

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