Leo May 2021 Horoscope

A focus on your professional sphere and an outstanding social network! The energies of Taurus square to your sign invite you to be flexible and diplomatic especially in your professional sector until the 20th, otherwise a few delicate events could happen, first decan. Mars in Cancer does not favor your naturally powerful dynamism but rather advises you to think before acting too quickly.

Faced with your sign, Saturn and Jupiter, until the 14th, in Aquarius, provide you quality but demanding associative or intimate partnerships, you choose your associations with clairvoyance. Jupiter in Pisces from the 15th boosts your sensuality and your desire for financial success. From the 21st, the energies of Gemini in agreement with your constellation awaken your friendships, they are solid and you are well surrounded. You share a nice friendliness!

Love in General:
Your career-oriented thoughts do not serve your emotional sector. From the 11th, Venus in disharmony to Mars facilitates your feelings but clashes with your desires that are in withdrawal and from there a gap between what you wish to live and the actual reality presents itself. From the 21st, the Sun in Gemini gives you back your smile and a little humor, everything is better!

In a relationship:
Saturn and Jupiter in your marital sector announce that your life together is anchored in a solid happiness but perhaps a bit tranquil. Craftsman of your love life, be creative, you are the master on board! Mars breathes its shy sensuality, propose to your half some festive outings to revive your passion!

From the 5th, Mercury in Gemini ensures happy, easy contacts, open your heart to these meetings that can lead to a romance. Your social melting pot boosts your sentimental opportunities from the 10th under the beautiful influence of Venus joined by the Sun from the 21st, love is playing, are you?

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
The energies of the beginning of the month invite you to be patient and tolerant. Respect this process, your royal nature carries with it these beautiful qualities and act after the 21st under the fires of Gemini! Jupiter could give you a financial surprise, first decan!

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