Leo March 2022 Horoscope

Leo: Astral Climate for March 2022

Jupiter and the Sun favor the necessary evolutions. Certain events push you to change! Pay attention to them to direct your destiny differently or lead a reflection on the meaning of your existence. If inevitable tensions destabilize you, it is only to better emphasize what must be transformed to progress in the right direction.

Leo: Mood for March 2022

Lively and determined to persuade those around you that they can trust you, it will be hard to resist the pressure you exert on the community. Still, they will let you say and do. Your world is evolving, and the situation is activating levers favorable to metamorphosis. You are trying to calm yourself down because excesses are to be banished. Focused on your work, you will not think of distracting yourself. You will imagine your new destiny.

Leo: Love for March 2022

Count on Venus to energize your exchanges around the 6th. The relationship with your partner takes a passionate turn. Take advantage of these intense flows to make the bond evolve. From the 20th onwards, the Sun invites you to raise the debate, even if you seem to be focused on your career plan. Avoid raising your voice and take a step towards the other. You invest yourself in improving your daily life, living conditions, and those of your loved ones and reach a form of ideal. Focus on change to guide your destiny, your inspiration peaks, and you serve the common cause.

Leo: Money for March 2022

Jupiter has helped to strengthen your hidden income (inheritance, return on investment, annuity, etc.). All you have to do is consolidate your recent successes and invest your money well. Jupiter tends to favor investments, so negotiate strategically rather than raise your voice. The path to something other than your income holds your attention in March.

Leo: Work for March 2022

If your relationship with colleagues or management has changed recently, you mobilize to boost your exchanges. You convince the other person that your proposals are the best. Your arguments are as firm as they are diplomatic, and you'll get everyone on your side. Uranus is shaking up your professional world and activating your desire to free yourself from operations you can no longer stand. Jupiter is causing events likely to favor novelty. Don't attack anyone, even if you need to take your anger out on someone. Invested in your work, you think collectively. If you wish to develop your activity, you will have the opportunity to do so. Certain events are likely to change things.

Leo: Leisure for March 2022

Whether you're looking to unwind, blow off steam, or simply stay in shape, you'll want to do things as a team. You're eager to exchange ideas, share, and find ways to express yourself in disciplines practiced in good company. Let it out if your anger is rising by practicing a combat sport or investing in a punching bag. If you can disconnect from a demanding daily life, take the time to escape, dream of decompressing, and recharge your batteries to stay in shape or get back in form.

Leo: Key dates for March 2022

- On the 3rd, you are committed to your activities and determined to serve the community, showing determination and goodwill.
- On the 5th, events precipitate change. Embrace the new.
- On the 17th, skillful negotiations allow you to plead your cause and make the other person aware of your thirst for change and even your need for autonomy.
- On the 19th, avoid using your charms to get what you want. You will be criticized for your maneuvers.
- On the 22nd, lower your voice so that exchanges do not turn into counterproductive confrontations.

Leo: Advice for March 2022

You are investing in your personal or professional relationships; this is the time to collaborate, convince, even seduce, and make your exchanges with the world around you evolve. To optimize the good influences, focus on a demanding daily routine, even if you have to take your foot off the gas from time to time. You are not inexhaustible.

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