Leo March 2021 Horoscope

Introspection and the importance of others! The monthly energies of the Sun in Pisces until the 20th and from Venus to the 21st and also from Neptune awaken your relationship to money or your sensuality, which is at the center of your thoughts.

Mercury until the 15th, Jupiter and Saturn all month in Aquarius, brings to light your intimate or associative partner: listen to the other, it will be primordial! The sector of the profession or social life receives Uranus and could announce reversals of unexpected situations, stay open. As for your energy, no chance to miss it, Mars in Gemini as of the 5th, boosts your morale, your physical energy and your friendly desires. From the 21st, your personality warms up, activates and regains a taste for passion!

Love in General:
Your feelings are strong but a bit overwhelming, you like to control the situation but the energies until the 21st do not allow it. On the other hand, your sensuality pushes you to seduce and to put yourself in the spotlight, libido in full form! After the 22nd, Venus in Aries befits you like a glove and your love life regains its colors!

In a relationship:
In order to preserve your conjugal complicity take into account the opinion of your other half especially until the 15th, then, your feelings are passionate but you destabilize and can create disagreements of feelings between you. Things are going well after the 22nd. Your libido on the other hand is without a false note, your score is perfect!

Your dating opportunities are high especially before the 15th and after the 22nd. Your seduction wins the vote among your friends, a person that you did not pay attention to until now could charm you suddenly. Communication will play an important role, take care of your intimate approaches.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
This winter month pampers you on the relationship level but also comes to ask you to appeal to your inner resources. You are a sign par excellence of openness to others, live your exchanges with all the wealth they induce.

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