Leo July 2021 Horoscope

Introspection and a wide latitude of action! The planetary energies of Cancer until the 22nd invite you to dive into yourself. Jupiter in Pisces until the 28th increases your business acumen and your libido, last decan, while Saturn offers you a durable construction in your conjugal or associative relationships, first decan.

Your socio-professional destiny is active, do not be susceptible, second decan. Until the 29th, Mars in your sign endows you with an inexhaustible energy while Venus until the 22nd reinforces your charm, you are spoiled! From the 23rd, the sun enters your constellation, it is your moment to shine. This summer month coincides with the warmth of your temperament, express your great creativity. At the very end of the month, Venus and Mars in Virgo impose a calmer, less warm climate.

Love in General:
A powerful and conquering energy encourages you to surpass yourself, whether in your approach to love or in the expression of your many desires. Venus, in your sign until the 22nd, brings to your person a lot of charm and delicacy, which can favor your love life. After a shy start to the month, you are fully warm and demonstrative, let go!

In a relationship:
Before the 23rd, your emotional nature becomes shy due to a muffled atmosphere, that is badly matched with the fire that bubbles in your heart and in your body. Mars and Venus nevertheless promote your well-being and that of your relationship. Mercury, until the 12th, contributes to your understanding, Jupiter increases your carnal needs. Flexibility and authenticity.

You want love and the sky helps you with Mars in your sign, the fire does not leave you anymore. You are pampered with great feelings and communication, do not silence your feelings if they are right for you. Act before the 23rd, beyond that the atmosphere is cooler.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
Saturn begins his long stay in your sector of the intimate or associative, do not fear his teachings, they are constructive, first decan. Welcome the monthly energies with your natural joie de vivre, you are brave in all challenges!

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