Leo February 2021 Horoscope

Give room to others and to inner transformation! Your intimate or associative relationship sector receives a global cluster in Aquarius: The Sun until the 19th, Mercury all month and Venus until the 25th, your lover or partner takes a fundamental place, there is inevitable collaboration.

Jupiter and Saturn, also in Aquarius, give this sector a desire to anchor and a legal evolution for the two first decans. Whatever you experience this month, the sky invites you to listen to the other, to hear the divergent opinions of your loved ones, especially! Mars in Taurus,square to your sign, indicates that your energy will be strong but excessive, especially in your professional sector. Uranus is also announcing unexpected events that you will manage best by being calm and cool, first decan. From the 19th, introspection and an increased libido!

Love in General:
Your love life should unfold under harmonious energies, Venus and Mercury in beautiful aspect to your sign, open the doors of love and communication, a perfect duo! The only downside to this pleasant atmosphere is the fiery Mars in Taurus, coming to tickle your share of sensuality with too much waiting and too much energy that is sometimes abrupt. Calm down, after the 19th, you're intuitive!

In a relationship:
A superb complicity is announced until the 25th! Your partner plays fair, you exchange harmoniously, you build projects. You appreciate the special presence that your other half has and its effect on you. Then from the 19th, there is room for your sensual life, Mars in Taurus and Venus in Pisces boost your libido!

The universe favors a meeting that can lead to a lasting relationship and is very important for your relational and emotional evolution! Believe in your potential at least until the 18th, the energies will gracefully accompany you in your legitimate quest for love. After, be open to your feelings in case of an unusual encounter.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
The sky encourages you to open yourself to others, your relationship will be very important during this month. Let go of everything that concerns your socio-professional destiny, often patience is worth more than rage and anger. It

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