Leo December 2021 Horoscope

By the 10th, your projects are gaining value, you go on with your eyes closed, you are determined. These are small victories that are good for your morale. You win big, this end of year is rich in events.

The stars give you the opportunity to reveal the extent of your talents, the professional field is put forward this month, you have very little time to devote to your loved ones, you do not give them the choice, it risks causing some small disagreements. As usual, you need to shine. You're lucky, there's a positive in all that, with the money you've earned you spoil the people you love the most. Your entourage is understanding and diplomatic.

Love in General:
You do not enjoy your loved ones enough because time is lacking, it annoys you but you do not show anything, you put on a brave face. In December, your hectic life does not always rhyme with family life. Fortunately, you know how to be forgiven. Around December 26th, the situation returns to normal.

In a relationship:
At the beginning of the month your relationship is tense, small misunderstandings interfere and hinders the communication. As you are not a fan of conflict, you quickly decide to lower your guard. From the 14th everything comes back to order. A romantic meal comes to clear the misunderstandings.

A transformation takes place in terms of love, you are amazed by this 180 degree change. Usually pretentious, you drop your armor to reveal yourself in a new light. The Leo charms, seduces and falls in love, roaring with pleasure!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
On the professional side everything is fine, you give yourself one hundred percent. On the emotional side, for lack of time you are not involved one hundred percent, you still have room for improvement. Treat your loved ones, devote your attention to them.

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