Leo April 2021 Horoscope

A powerful idealism and a socio-professional destiny to honor! The monthly energies invite you to reaffirm your commitments, whether to yourself or to others! Your royal nature will appreciate this highlighting of your values and this until the 20th.

A nervous, active dynamism, propels your friendships towards a greater fulfilling and your projects are on fire thanks to Mars in Gemini, in beautiful aspect to your sign until the 23rd. The intimate sphere of relationship always welcomes Jupiter and Saturn, last two decans, your choices facilitate an evolution and a stabilization of this sector. From the 20th, the climate changes under the influx of Taurus square to your sign, tensions are possible in your work or in general, Let it go, let it be and do not try to change the events, on the contrary, accompany them!

Love in General:
Burning passion and a high libido! Venus is in Aries until the 14th and boosts the expression of your feelings that are warm, happy and proud! Love transports you,and you love to be in love, your partner is pampered. Beyond the 20th, a hint of jealousy could appear on the horizon of your love life, relax, you are unique and so flamboyant!

In a relationship:
Until the 20th, your couple receives beautiful harmonious and passionate energies, your other half should revive an emotional and sensual intensity in you, which is very pleasant. Mars promotes your outings together and your meetings, as stimulating as you had wished. After the 20th, compensate for a drop in this intensity with tender exchanges.

Great opportunities are announced especially if you travel or frequent your social circle until the 20th. Spring often rhymes with renewal, make the most of an easy communication, which is direct and spontaneous to facilitate your exchanges. After the 20th, the sky invites you to temper your intimate requirements, wait if necessary.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
A good part of the month is favorable to you, to give you the necessary punch for the start of spring. Planetary energies jostle your spirited but tactical temperament, act before the 20th if opportunities arise!

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