Leo April 2022 Horoscope

You are not really at the party. The cluster of planets in sign of water drowns you in a fog, which you have a little trouble to dispel. Your pragmatic side suffers from a tendency to moods that do not resemble you. Do not get carried away by an overflowing imagination, it would turn the big cat into a whining kitten. Take firm hold of your certainties, this is where you best deploy your talent. It is certain that this month of April is a month to observe: if you have important deadlines, you will succeed in procrastinating and asking yourself. This time is ideal. It allows you to appreciate the distance remaining to reach your goals. On the 11th, awareness allows you a leap forward.

Leo: Love in General April 2022

Leo:The "weight" of the planets prompts you to consider change. You go back to the speed of a comet, without really feeling better. An impression of deja-vu gives you the desire to travel. Do not forget to take your return ticket. You still have things to settle or tell someone.

Leo: In a relationship April 2022

Leo:You are well aware of what to do or say to please your partner. So why are you trying hard to systematically take the opposite tack? It is true that you are not quite on your plate. Things get better during the month. On the 15th you find an agreement.

Leo: Single April 2022

Leo:Small annoyances and irritations are part of the April program? So post important appointments or encounters that are too challenging. If you prefer, take the time to prepare yourself psychologically with great care! You think lucidly about the quality of your intimate links.

Leo: Career / Finance April 2022

Leo: This month again, you are having trouble finding your bearings. On the worst days, you think that you no longer belong among your colleagues or fellows. Some of you seem arrogant and others beat you cold. In this uncomfortable climate, you may wonder where the support you need is located! Rest assured! It arises in an unexpected way and through a person who, contrary to appearances, appreciates you very much. On the financial side, an offer that is likely to enrich you may be presented. Pay attention to it instead of ignoring it.

Leo: Monthly Advice April 2022

Leo:Welcome with happiness, the small daily attentions that you grant the people of your entourage. This will give you the energy you need to advance a tricky or down-to-earth situation. This will also allow you to face all obstacles, especially those that scare you the most.

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