Leo 2021 Horoscope

With reasonable applied effort, this can be a year of significant personal and professional growth. Your leadership abilities and organizational approach put you in the forefront. This is a good year to become involved in educational or cultural pursuits. You’re looking for solid opportunities and are unlikely to be attracted to situations unless they have substance, but you also are feeling a need to break out of established patterns and exercise your individuality.
Fortunately, your rebellion can lead somewhere instead of just resulting in turmoil.
With Jupiter transiting through your solar 6th house during 2021, you’re experiencing a period of positive change in the work environment.
Your work itself can also be rewarding in ways that have never shown themselves before, especially if you concentrate on doing the best job possible. This is also an exceptional time to gather a support team of highly qualified individuals whose efforts, combined with your own, can show excellent results. Ifyou work in a supervisory capacity, you can generate enthusiastic responses from others. Even ifyou work under another’s supervision, you may have greater job satisfaction now because your efforts are more easily noticed.
In its most basic sense, this is a time of increasing self-improvement and marks a positive cycle for physical health as well. The only downfall of this period on a physical level involves a tendency to gain weight, since this is a cycle of increase on a physical level. Because you can more easily gain strength and vitality, it’s a good time to get involved in that exercise program instead of just watching the video.
For the next two years, Saturn will be transiting through your solar 9th house, emphasizing a period of skillful focus on your life direction. In your career, you may see the culmination of many years of effort reaching their peak. Your reputation can certainly work to your benefit. But you also may discover that you need to become more comprehensive in skills in order to remain a contender. Travel, education, or polishing your skills can certainly provide a boost.
It’s also time to take a careful look at the philosophies, ethics, and attitudes that influence how you approach achieving success. If you become closed in your thinking or prejudicial in your attitudes, you will shortchange your options and can lose valuable support. It’s a good thing to question your beliefs and test your faith, because it allows you to become stronger in your convictions. If you need to release some outworn attitudes and continue to hold onto them just because that’s the way it’s always been, you are likely to undermine your growth.
The solar and lunar eclipses also bring an emphasis to the intellectual side of life. You may feel drawn to learn more, and can benefit by stepping into the role of student or teacher. In fact, teaching may provide your best opportunity to achieve a high level of mastery! This year also could mark a period of intellectual achievement reaching its consummation, such as completing a degree program. Efforts in writing and publishing can provide an excellent career boost. On a personal level, you also may benefit by maintaining a diary or using journal writing to objectify your thoughts and record your hopes and dreams. Coupled with the Saturnine influence, the eclipse cycle also may escalate a crisis concerning legal disputes. Any contractual agreements negotiated now need scrutiny and sound professional review, since a commitment may be difficult to release in the future unless you proceed with care.

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