Leo 2023 Wellness Horoscope

The year of the Rabbit is generally expected to be neutral for the state of health, but there will be some nuances. Foremost, it is desirable to curb your excessive emotionality, because it will greatly affect your well-being. It is worth thinking once again to run out for a minute in one T-shirt into the street and get sick. Perhaps it is during the period of illness that the Leos will miss a good deal or a job offer. In the spring there is a big risk of getting an industrial injury, but again, due to increased emotionality and irascibility. The horoscope recommends doing an accessible sport in order to “let off steam” in a timely manner.

By the middle of the year, health will stabilize. Chronic diseases will no longer be a concern. If it becomes possible to unplanned rest, then astrologers recommend taking advantage of this and getting to a sanatorium or resort. This will greatly improve performance. By the end of summer, emotions will begin to subside, and there comes a favorable time for self-treatment, yoga or esoteric practices. And at the end of the year, there will come a moment when a favorable event will significantly affect the physical and mental state.

Leos should not be afraid of special health problems. In this regard, they will be under reliable protection, firstly, of Mars and, secondly, of Saturn. The Trine, formed by these planets in 2023, will endow them with a mass of positive energy, which, like a cozy cocoon, will envelop Leo and protect their bodies from risks. Although, of course, all this does not mean that they should relax to negligence and test themselves for strength. After all, then you can put yourself in a problematic position, as they say, literally out of the blue. But Leos are intelligent and love themselves enough to rely on their common sense.

Leos are strongly encouraged to spend more time next year in activity, and preferably outside the walls of buildings, in the fresh air. At the same time, they should definitely try to adjust their habits globally. That is, it is not so much about the number of meals or other small moments, but about more - about the content of their leisure time, about how competently and consistently the Leos manage to go towards their goals. And this, in turn, will entail a revision of the attitude towards one's own body and personal psychological state.

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