Leo Monthly Wellness Horoscope

Of late, certain minor health issues have occupied your mind and no matter what you do they just wouldn’t go away. Yoga and light exercises will help you keep a check on your health. By the end of the first week, you will be able to see and appreciate the huge difference that these healthy habits have made to your physical as well as mental well-being. Minor headaches are indicated for those of you who are stressed out and have irregular eating habits. Diabetic and high blood pressure patients need to pay special attention to their health. This month it’s best to avoid a spicy and irregular diet. Renew your energy by devoting some time everyday exclusively for relaxation purposes. Spirituality helps you a lot by reducing your stress levels and providing you mental peace. There may be some health issues that arise for you in the last week, but quickly get resolved over the month end. Children may face minor digestive problems. If they are heading out of the house ensure there is someone who can monitor them. Some of you are likely to suffer from health problems due to your indulgence in unproductive activities.

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