Leo Wellness Horoscope

Physical structure of Leos – the Leos have very sharp features with wide forehead, thick and fair hair and a large aquiline nose. They have strong and long legs which gives them a tall stature. Their eyes are one of their strongest features as they are very striking and brilliant. They have a very deep and rich voice which suits their personality; however their teeth are not very strong. They have a very classy and noble appearance which has a sense of pride and poise. They have a very graceful appearance. At times they look gaudy because of use of too much jewellery and vibrant colours like orange and yellow.

Leos and their habits – the Leos are one of the most egoistic and proud people one can come across. They are incorrigible braggarts' inspite of all the talents they have. It is indeed true that they are very creative, imaginative, confident and charming, but they tend to show it off a little too much. This will upset the people around them as they are too full of themselves. They do not hesitate from praising others and acknowledge their positive side, but they want the same to be done to them as well. They can be spendthrifts at times with money.

Health and Leo – normally these individuals are strong but they suffer from issues related to spine which can cause them serious trouble. During teenage and adolescence they need to be careful with their posture or else they can face serious problems with their backbone in the future. Besides their spine they also face problems from their heart and eyes. The heart especially can be a matter of major concern for them and they need to be careful with it. If they take too much stress or tensions it might reflect in serious heart related ailments for them.

Leo's Beauty scope – since the Leos are always looking for attention bright and vivid colours like orange, gold and yellow suit them the most. Their eyes will get beautifully highlighted by golden mascara. Vibrant colours like navy blue, gold or red can be an excellent choice for them while choosing their nail polish. It makes them look sensual and also highlights their leadership qualities. They look more flamboyant with bright coloured dresses. They usually like solid, deep, dark and even shiny colours. They are good in making a statement with their clothes. They are very choosy about what they wear and how they wear it.

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