Leo Monthly Horoscope

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A momentous month has arrived for you, Leo. With a crown of stars in your solar tenth house at the onset of the month, and a new moon dawning on May 11, get ready to soar toward your ambitions. Now is the time to launch a major professional endeavor, work toward a promotion, or seek a better job. This is one of the most important times of the year to know the level of success you’re after and take steps toward it.

Joyous Jupiter also trades zodiac signs this month—it has been spinning across the sky from you in your solar seventh house for months. On the thirteenth, it moves into your solar eighth house of intimacy, likely seeing you grow even closer in your relationships. This could also bring opportunities for large profits to come your way, especially in the form of a bonus or large check. Work toward it now and you may see luck on your side, or the prosperity could arrive in 2022.

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Next to note is a fiery lunar eclipse in your solar fifth house that ricochets on May 26, bringing a culmination to a romantic, creative, or fertility matter. This could certainly be the main event at this time, one that changes your life forever. Single Leos could suddenly feel their heart has been lit on fire, while committed ones may now welcome news of a pregnancy.

Last to mention in May is the arrival of the Mercury retrograde, which begins on the twenty-ninth. Prepare for a slower pace in the weeks ahead, and do your best to not make any final agreements during this time. You might even enjoy this transit quite a bit as old friends or contacts reach out to say hello.

Standout days: 11, 17, 29
Challenging days: 21, 26, 27

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