Leo 2021 Love Horoscope

Leo 7th House of Love, Marriage and Social Activities has been a House of Power for some years now, and this trend continues in 2021. The same trends that we saw last year -the volatility, instability and excitement – continue this year as well.

Anything can – and probably will – happen in love this year. Romantic fantasies are fulfilled and then suddenly dashed. Or, just when you feel there is no hope, out of the blue someone comes into your life. The minute you meet someone you think is wonderful, another person comes along who is even more your ideal. Very confusing, to say the least!

Singles have an urge to upgrade their present relationship or social life continuously. When one plateau is reached there is a desire for another and loftier one. It’s as if a relationship – like a piece of computer equipment – becomes obsolete almost as soon as you take it out of the package!

The experimentalism and unconventional attitudes to love that we’ve seen in the past few years continue ever stronger in 2021. You are willing to try anything in order to attain happiness. And, so long as it isn’t destructive, why not?

Affections can change at the drop of hat. Committed, clearly defined relationships are more difficult now. Two Eclipses in your 7th House of Love, Marriage and Social Activities ensure that the ‘pot will be boiling’ even more than usual.

Possessiveness in love can only bring pain now. Flow with the change. Learn to enjoy it. See it as a show or as inspiration for a work of art. Use change constructively. In general, unconventional people – mystics, poets, artists, astrologers -are very alluring to you this year. Media types, scientists and professional do-gooders also have appeal.

Look for love through friends’ introductions or seminars, group activities and professional and social organizations.

Romance could also come from cyber-dating or meeting someone on the Internet. Computer or science shows, astrology conventions, psychic fairs and the like are also possible meeting grounds.

Love horoscope 2021

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