Leo Weekly Love Horoscope

You keep conversations light and breezy while your shiny leader sun is floating through casual air sign Gemini this week, Leo. Although you’re up for talking about almost anything, you don’t go into too much depth. You’re comfortable keeping things at a superficial level for now.

Be on the lookout for some obstacles at the start of the week, however, because a problematic sun-Saturn square tries to stand in the way of a good thing. You aren’t sure why things are so difficult all of a sudden, but you can definitely feel a vibe change.

Things are brighter and more intense during Saturday’s full moon in fellow fire sign Sagittarius, so no one will blame you if you waited until now to make your big move. All eyes are on you when you ask out your crush or finally talk to someone you’ve liked for a long time. And you love the attention!

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