Leo Weekly Love Horoscope

The sun, your bright leader, is positioned in free-spirited air sign Aquarius and your house of commitment all week, Leo, which gives you a lot of options. Your friendliness helps you talk to pretty much anyone you want, but don’t give them the wrong idea. If you aren’t looking for a long-term thing, don’t say you are.

You like to keep things to yourself as Venus begins to travel through soft-spoken Pisces on Thursday, especially when it comes to details about someone you’re really smitten with. Let your friends ask as many questions as they want. For once, you’re not in the mood to kiss and tell.

There’s a lot of unexpected news, talk, and rumors surrounding Sunday’s Mercury-Uranus trine, but can you really believe everything you hear? Social media is full of false information and flat-out lies. Make up your own mind about what’s really going on instead of taking someone else’s word for it.

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