Leo Weekly Love Horoscope

The universe urges you to really reach for the stars during the Mars-Neptune conjunction in receptive Pisces early this week. Half the work of getting what you want is figuring out what it is, and this intuitive aspect can help you do just that and boost you toward success at the same time.

You’ll have more freedom to follow your whims when your ruler sun exits earthy Taurus and teams up with flexible, airy Gemini on Friday. If you’ve felt held back from the earthy energy of the last month, Leo, you’ll enjoy this lighthearted solar journey for the next month (and your love life will benefit from it).

This weekend, you have a powerful Mars-Pluto sextile to use at your discretion, which can be extremely helpful if you’ve been trying to get to know someone better. This investigative energy prompts you to use some very interesting resources to find out exactly what you want to know.

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