Leo Monthly Love Horoscope

Flashy Leos might not be the first sign people think of when they want to settle down, but when commitment-focused Vesta goes direct on October 5, it actually brings out a lot of your naturally loyal traits. Vesta is currently paired with freedom-loving Aquarius, but you’d honestly consider monogamy if the right person came along.

On the eleventh, there’s a hopeful sun-Saturn air trine that can propel you to the next level with someone, but you have to be willing to put in your share of work. Love doesn’t just “happen,” Leo, and if you think it does you’ve been watching too many rom-coms!

Intensely dark and suspicious Scorpio starts to influence both your leader sun and love-focused Venus on October 23, which could spell trouble for your love life. When you start to examine every little detail to death, potential lovers and partners begin to scatter. If you look around and no one’s left, you’ll know why. This level of intensity is hard for some people to take.

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