Leo Monthly Love Horoscope

You’re really into the way people look as beauty-loving Venus is paired with senses-driven Taurus early this month, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! You might want to be cautious of someone you meet online but don’t know in IRL, though, because you could easily get catfished during this superficial transit. If they use a lot of filters or won’t video chat with you, Leo, you should be suspicious.

Another Mercury retrograde cycle starts on May 10 while the planet is in two-faced Gemini, so be sure to look out for social media posts and other gossip about your love life from unexpected sources. If your BFF is sharing info you don’t want them to, it’s time for a serious talk.

On the twentieth, your optimistic ruler sun leaves serious earth sign Taurus and partners with airy Gemini, welcoming in a new month of curiosity and excellent communication. Your flirty, charming ways help you break the ice with someone you’ve been dying to talk to, and your first conversations should run smoothly and last longer than expected. Your way with words is one of your best assets during this intellectual, witty cosmic combination.

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