Leo Monthly Love Horoscope

Starting on January 2, you love to be helpful while Venus is paired with hardworking Capricorn and your sixth house of service. Doing chores, running errands, and taking care of little details to make life easier for the person you’re interested in all gives you a sense of purpose and makes them smile.

Earth sign Capricorn also joins the brilliant sun and talkative Mercury in a harmonious conjunction on the seventh, and with this even energy also highlighting your dedicated sixth house, you can accomplish a lot. Communication becomes very important when getting to know someone new. Being aware of each other’s expectations allows you to sync up well together.

The sun moves into airy Aquarius and your partnership zone on January 20, so for the next month you’ll be focused on working on issues having specifically to do with finding a partner. Legal issues are often tied into this transit, so be sure to carefully read the fine print before jumping into anything official.

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