Leo Career Horoscope

Leos believing in 'doing' and therefore, achieving their tasks. High on energy, they are always busy doing something, oblivious to their surroundings. They are very ambitious, optimistic and creative. They believing in doing their best always and are very committed to their jobs or their chosen professions. However, a Leo will always prefer to be their own boss. What’s more, they make great bosses as they are born leaders. Generous in spirit, they spend money without any thought.

For Leo zodiac sign, job satisfaction is must. They always strive for a position of leadership. Disciplined, enthusiastic and optimistic, they become excellent organizers, managers and leaders. They are ambitious by nature, and prefer to take charge and delegate. Filled with enthusiasm and confidence they are steadfast in their actions. They usually have fixed income, security of job and it gives executive ability and tireless working capacity. At times they are of dogmatic views. Hence, they should take other’s views, ideas and suggestions before deciding on an outcome. They are extroverts, roar like lion and get into trouble, any argument, altercations and actions, etc. hence, annoying superiors should be avoided. They should avoid forcing their desires and opinions on others, curb their arrogance, restrict their wants, should take lessons from the past, behave in a attractive manner, be economical for the old age and maintain the bank balance.

Suitable Profession for Leo

The suitable professional industries for them include hotel, coal, gold, gem, cattle, grains, agriculture, animal husbandry, geology, teaching, acting, law, leisure management, glass, textiles, silk, luxurious items, fashion designing. They can excel as actor, director, dancer, producer, fashion model, beautician, executive, agent, teachers, obstrician, pop stars, sportsperson, politician, military men, supritendents, ambassadors, auditors, architects, lawyers, judjes, priests, administrator lawyer, judge, gold smith, cardiologists.

Leo Finances

Leo are usually lucky in money matters. They are known to maintain ostentatious lifestyle. Leo are good at making money but at the same time they save wisely for rainy days. They are cautious investors. They may have well developed second source of income. Leos seldom loose their hard earned money. You are generally fortunate and have sufficient resources. They often occupy a position of trust and authority. They try to deal with large issues and leave the minor details to subordinates. Generous at heart they often help people in need. Leos find jewelry and lavish gifts, designer clothes irresistible.

Leo Education

Mostly lively, happy, contended and bombastic in nature, they think on straight lines. When young they enjoy bright colors and games evolving organizational abilities. They want to remain center of attention and love hearing endless praise. To grow well, they need constructive assessments. Thought process is slow but deliberate. Often the details are overlooked and conclusion are mainly based on intuitions rather than facts. They chose educational fields which surely they feel will give them successful career. They study and practice to have promising career in future.

Leo Compatibility