Leo Second Decan

Second decan Leo born between August 2 and August 12. If a person is born between these days, the ruling planet is Jupiter that is why they have organizing skills, love to travel, loves social position and status. They would be a lover of all the good and beautiful things in life. They also possess a great sense of optimism, and are usually inspired and possess the quality of being great entertainers, and always like to be in the limelight to showcase their awesome sense of humor. They have a lifelong love of learning. They are lucky, and tend to be at the right place at the right time.

The second Decan Leo personality is characterized by a great sense of humor, optimism and inspiration. They like to be the centre of attention so that they can show off. They have a great sense of humor which makes them for a perfect entertainer. They can never look on the bleak side of life and find the positives in everybody and everything. Their optimism is sometimes unbelievable to others.

They love to learn and will explore many different subjects which gives them an opportunity to show off their intelligence. Their love of life and forever looking on the bright side is an inspiration to many. They tend to be a very lucky person and seem to be in the right place at the right time.

Leo Second Decan - Emotional Man of Jupiter

Traveling backwards upon the Wheel of Life as it rolls onwards into form the sign of Leo is entered via the Sun in the first decan, Jupiter in the second and Mars in the third. Under Jupiter the physical body and response apparatus of Lion-man is progressively prepared, adjusted, aligned and correctly oriented. Through the applied stimulation of Jupiter the active physical form steadily improves and becomes more responsive to contact with the physical world.

With Jupiter’s aid the soul is enabled to unfold the capacity to experience and fulfil its physical desires and gain control over its animal body. It bestows the gift of great sensitivity, but in this lower phase this is definitely a sensitivity to the instinctual desires of the physical body.

The soul develops the physical mechanism here through the satisfaction of all forms of selfish animal desire. This applied stimulation leads to the cultivation of a separative spirit, and in due course what emerges is a self-sufficient person increasingly aware of his or her individuality. Their attitude becomes emphatic and dynamic, leading in the initial phase to the pronounced egocentric consciousness of the selfish intelligent human animal. In the early stage the incarnated Lion is not multi-talented and has yet to unfold the qualities of a wise builder, leader or ruler on the physical plane.

Classically the physically well-developed Lion—pocket edition or giant—appears with all features in symmetrical proportion. Having drawn themselves up to full stature, they can appear Apollo-like in physical presence. There is something attractive, magnetic, royal—even glorious—in the primitive active expression and motion of Lion-man. Movement is proud, bold, with back straight and head held high. The brow is brave and clear. The eyebrows are well arched, while the eyes with an over-bold expression are large, round, and wide-open. The complexion and skin glows with vitality and health, clear, rosy and lucid, with a sometimes florid color. The forehead is high and wide with the cranium neither too long nor broad, while the youthful-looking face has a characteristic cubbishness about it. Like the mane of its totem, the hair is one of the chief physical features and in the best cases is beautiful, luxuriant, full, thick, often untamable and unmanageable.

Conversely sometimes the Lion in this decan is completely bald. Negative or recessive physical traits give a grossness or heaviness of feature, resembling a bulldog more than a lion. The physical constitution is very "Roman" in appearance—that is short, stout, heavy, with quite some solidity. Or sometimes the recessive type has a very small and often weak body. In either case the characteristic expression of the degenerate Jupiterian face appears the opposite of the clear and rosy active type and is visibly sapped of its strength, weakened, dark, flushed, shriveled, pinched or wizened.

The Lion-king by nature is exceedingly lazy until aroused. Immobility, lack of dynamism, indulgence, idleness and procrastination are outstanding negative features of the recessive Lion. Lounging at poolside or beach soaking up the rays of the Sun is often preferred to more strenuous action.

Undeveloped types do not venture forth and really enjoy themselves or seek to meet challenges or take risks. Their only skill is in delegation of disagreeable duties and the evasion of difficult talks. In fact they are totally incapable of looking after themselves, let alone anyone else. The recessive Jupiterian type is not inclined to extend themselves for anything or anybody, and hardly sets an inspiring example. Passive types desire above all else to rest on a comfortable throne or a well-cushioned seat. An innate ability to control inevitably gives the passive Leo type a belief that their destiny is determined and all they have to do is simply to be. Their refusal to change or take action leads to a futile existence.

Their physical development is delayed or slowed through weakness and over-sensitivity, being too fearful to "seize the moment". A lack of clear focus and an inability to estimate relative values produces an indiscriminative intellect which makes a mountain out of a mole hill or is prone to suggest with real vacuity that nothing matters very much.

The task of the soul initially, is to stimulate the activity of its vital physical organs and to balance their overall organized function. In time this body type becomes highly developed and exceedingly well balanced in function, possessing tremendous recuperative power. The physical constitution is exceedingly robust in all respects, especially in relation to tone, tenacity and strength of muscles and nerves. In most cases the youthful elegant body settles down towards the end of its growing period into a robust full-bodied Jupiterian type. Yet the physical vitality being so enormous and spontaneous, there is a predominant danger that the Lion when excited by the chase of prey, can easily be drawn to exaggerated effort and thus put undue strain upon the power of the heart.

The beneficent power of Jupiter in the first decan guarantees to the soul the eventual successful satisfaction of materialistic ambition, lower desire and selfish personality power. Longing for material gain and recognition is intense, as is the power to build for selfish ends. Thus the Leo type is regarded as one of the most materialistic in the zodiac in-as-much as selfish desire for possession of material objectives is especially potent and the display of a acquisitive spirit violently controls. Everything the Lion has must be the best in the world and they ever put their needs, desires and feelings first. All questions are solely based on consideration of selfish material advantage. Everything and everyone revolves around the individual point of view while all time, thought and deed is consecrated to personal interest.

The primitive Lion possesses an unquenchable thirst for personal glory and an absurd ambition for positions of responsibility and authority which they are as yet, incapable of fulfilling with any degree of success. Attacking their enemies or rivals from behind, they select the weakest opponents and strike at their most unguarded and vulnerable moments. They possess an insatiable appetite for excessive amounts of flattery from those who exhibit abject dependence, and they shower favor upon those who are useful to them. Excessive judgment, misplaced faith, over-affection, devotion and favoritism lead to many blunders in the choice of friends and to disaster in love affairs.

Relationships therefore are generally numerous and unfortunate. Believing themselves to be extraordinarily romantic and creatively prolific, Lions always eventually succeed in making themselves conspicuous in all sorts of ridiculous ways. Submissive and devoted partners or lovers after life in the Lion’s lair, not infrequently wish to usurp the throne.

Lions love to over-do, over-eat, brag, boast, gloat and show-off. They have an exaggerated capacity for vanity and self-admiration. Superficially they appear kind, good-humored, agreeable and considerate, but behind their behavior is the desire to retain popularity, to be well-liked or better yet, well-loved. They are self-satisfied, self-loving, self-centered and easily pleased with themselves. They are placidly convinced they are the center of admiration wherever they go, and believe that no man or woman can possibly resist their attentions. They love to occupy the center of the stage. An instinctive and highly acute sensitivity to danger is ever focused on their own vulnerability rather than upon the feelings and needs of others. Alone, without the support of the clan or "pride" the Lion feels fearful and unprotected.

When undeveloped, the Leo man or woman is highly isolating and separative, rejecting people based upon status, position, precedent, habit or social tradition. Preoccupied with appearance and the preservation of outer patterns of social, racial, religious or personal convention, they are inclined towards formalism and superficiality. They can be real sticklers for etiquette and think they know what everyone else should do and how they are supposed to act. They are always armed with some piece of advice, some reprimand; and often they simply give orders.

Naturally, unevolved Lions contrive to convince themselves of the illusion of rulership by assuming airs of self-importance and lording it over their inferiors and juniors. In the social "pecking order" of their community they look down upon those of lesser rank. They are totally identified with rank and position and look for outer signs of a person’s acceptability. They look for homage and tokens of respect. Those who are not so forthcoming are kept at a distance. This is the natural way for a Leo man or woman to boost and inflate the value of the little self.

Locked into unchanging personal protocol and seeking to control, impose upon and administer others, they provoke warfare by attempting to force conformity to rigidly given orders which violate the rights of other people. They misapply their version of law and order which stifles individual creativity, personal spontaneity, surprise and any form of idiosyncratic behavior. They are too assured of their position and believe they are doing things properly when in actuality they are only standardizing and reducing opportunity for the individualistic expression of others.

Not inclined to relocation, travel or migration, and intolerant of the outside influence of other groups or clans, each Lion proudly and fiercely maintains their own territorial integrity. A highly evolved Leo personality on the other hand, has learned tact and a respectful understanding of the nature of the people or circumstances being directed. The Lion is loyal, devoted, loving and kind. Others come to them when they are in need of advice, help or support. Self-reliance grows out of a sense of responsibility for others and a willingness to trust based upon understanding, accurate character assessment and estimation of strengths. Truly successful and advanced Lions are friendly, outgoing, likeable, caring, concerned and well-developed socially.

Certainly an integrated Leo personality demonstrates a skillful ability to blend, fuse, unify, amalgamate, organize, administrate and manage. Exhibiting a well-developed team spirit, the advanced personality can skillfully coordinate various tasks through a unique combination of personal teaching skills, charm, magnetism, warmth, conviction, inspiration, leadership, erudite knowledge, practical efficiency and social finesse.

Everything is done with flair and with a natural sense of the dramatic. Prestige, dignity and command are all part of the demeanor and contribute effectively to the expression of a colorful personality. No special action is needed to attract the attention of everyone, and holding a focus for the group is their forté.

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