Leo First Decan

First decan Leo born between July 23 and August 1. If a person is born between these days, the ruling planet is Sun and that is why they are people with enthusiasm and vitality. They are destined for success and fame. Gifted with great reserves and abilities, they are extroverts by nature, while simultaneously being independent and creative. They are at their best when in the public eye. They also possess a highly sensitive ego, and don’t like to rely on anyone. They are by nature, boastful, usually of their abilities and their independent nature. They mostly are workaholics, not really relaxing and do not like to sit idle; they like a buzz of activity around them.

The first Decan Leo personality is characterized by an extroverted nature, independence and creativity. They are extremely extroverted and very gregarious. They love to be loved and to be noticed and praised. Their outgoing personality masks some of the inner insecurities they have. They possess a very sensitive ego and can be hurt by the actions and words of others.

Their self reliance is mainly based on their believe that they are the best person to get the job done. They have many creative talents and are a whole heated workaholic and cannot relax until the job is done. And even then they are immediately onto the next project, with full guns blazing. Sitting still and doing nothing is not for them.

Leo First Decan - Physical Man of Sun

Beginning the emotional stage the Lion though physically developed, is profoundly unconscious of self-identity, so now must undergo a period of inner emotional processing and sentient development. Keep in mind that it is the power of the Sun which enables the incarnated human soul to go forth and occultly touch that which is desired. This is the basis of all sense of awareness and the cause of progressive emotional growth. Now at the second stage the Lion’s life is richly colored and embellished with ordinary glamour, attachments and illusions. This is necessary before they can hope to know not only themselves, but also their fellow men.

It is only the attainment of a self-centered attitude which makes a person an individual, and that is the goal of this step. Initially however, Lions believe that they are fully self-conscious when in reality they are only just becoming conscious of themselves as the dramatic center of their own little world. The task here is to develop lower self-awareness through sensitivity to their own desires, wishes and personal will.

An emotionally polarized Leo subject is not yet aware of a conscious self-purpose, cannot formulate a definite life-plan or articulate a life program. At this early stage of development they do not yet live a truly self-directed life, being motivated only by unconscious selfish desire in some particular subconscious form. Like the rising Sun, although accompanied by an exaggerated sense of dignity, Lions instinctively desire above all else to rise to some impressive and superior position.

Under the rays of the Sun the aspiring emotional type loves the luxury of "first class" living, loves to dress expensively and spend freely on fun and pleasure. They thrive on the drama of a life lived in the throes of passion. Control of the emotional body is not possible at the early stage, for the waves that rise upon the stormy seas of life often engulf the Lion, blocking out the rays of the Sun and rendering life seemingly futile and devoid of emotion or feeling.

The goal of the soul is emotional mastery, and it is a paramount task in this decan to work towards this attainment through experimentation and life experience. The emotional highs and lows that come with victories and defeats or gains and losses produce their desired effects and serve to fully round out the life. In time an aloof and intensely self-aware and self-focused personality emerges with an air of dignity, stateliness, command, control, superiority and the pronounced tendency to shine, to show off, to display.

At the personality stage of emotional growth the Lion loves to collect and acquire. A highly ambitious and selfish desire for possession of material objects is ever present along with a wild, vociferous, violently possessive and jealous spirit. Glamorous designer clothes, cars, expensive art, jewelry and so on, are collected often in incredible profusion. The applied stimulation of the Sun greatly actuates the wish life and sways the colorful imagination of Lion in this decan. Often the field of acquisition is extremely specific and defined, but guarded territorially and completely colored by personal loyalty and idealism.

The immature Lion with reckless courage seeks to attain the spotlight and shine at the center of attention. As self-approval and conscience are more important than approbation, it is most necessary for them to do what they believe is right and fit. Certainly Lions want to be liked and admired by others, but they dislike repetition, bore easily and will not tolerate being forced into any compromising situation.

The Lion is therefore capable of sacrificing public approval to express their own ideals. They will fight if need be to defend their personal ideals. Like the Nemean Lion of Herculean fame (LOH), they can at times be ferocious, devouring, mean and cruel beyond belief, displaying the most terrifying spirit imaginable. Personal approval is expressed loudly and whole-heartedly, while displeasure is intimated without hesitation or circumlocution and certainly with sufficient deterrent to prevent recurrence. With fearful trembling, others crouch behind closed doors.

At this stage there is no attempt to comprehend the basis of any opposing ideals because the understanding is blinded by emphatic identification with personal emotion. In due course, new fields of opportunity and adventure open before them. The personality must eventually develop and emerge no longer conditioned by exclusive personal idealisms.

In the recessive type the emotional temperament is indolent, lazy, impetuous and inconsistent. They are unable to perceive the right use of their inherent sensitivities, are incapable of self-discipline, lack vision, are profoundly unaware of reality, have little understanding of motivating impulses, and are entrapped by a confused sentimentality and by severe personal bias. Therefore the larger human issues escape the attention of the emotionally polarized Lion.

Increasingly, emotionally mature Lions become ever more aware of the effects they are having on other people. A generosity of spirit and a nobility of feeling as a consequence become suitably demonstrated and admirably expressed. As the Sun rules the heart, the emotionally developed Lion is ever ready to aid a friend. They are appreciated for their innate helpfulness and kindness as well as their boundless love and affection. This is especially so when they have the opportunity to repay old kindnesses or favors they have received. Lions are also splendid hosts and display a truly regal hospitality towards guests and even at times towards strangers. They are distinguished by a constant consideration for others. Along with gracious manners, gentleness and kindness, the power of forgiveness comes to light in them. The qualities of loyalty, dedication and devotion come to the forefront in the advanced emotional disposition.

Like the Sun they shed warmth and light as the benefactor of all living creatures. The emotionally mature Lion is filled with a basic creative happiness, a love of life, and seeks to share the stream of life with loved ones, family, and with those they contact in their field of work and creative expression. Thus their personal life finds its creative fulfilment on the emotional and physical planes. At the high point of soul development and sentient growth, they realize that they are in fact the active, creative agent of their own life-plan.

In the final analysis, the goal of the second step is for the Lion to stand in the center and rule, using all the strengths of the integrated personality consciousness. The power of the Sun enables them to build with tremendous radiant power, a solid outer foundation for the personal ego; the "hidden point" of light of the lower self emerges. (EA 332) The self-centered Lion turns upon himself, revolves upon his own axis, consecrating all to personal comfort and happiness. Sensitivity is exclusively turned towards the conditioning impacts from the environment and the wishes of the lower or personal self.

Keep in mind that any process of personality decentralization can only begin in earnest upon the Reverse Wheel. The process of reorientation, reversal and redirection of thought ultimately leads lifetimes later, to the revelation of higher Self consciousness and the subsequent potent release of the Lion as a positive contributory agent in the universal group Life.

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