Leo and Virgo Compatibility

Flamboyant Leo and quiet, studious Virgo seem like an odd couple – what do they see in one another, outsiders wonder. Leo and Virgo compatibility can actually work surprisingly well once both partners get to know each other properly, but since this couple are very different in their approaches to life the problem lies in getting the relationship past the initial stage.

At first glance, Leo and Virgo compatibility seems somewhat unlikely. Unassuming Virgo is easily intimidated by the sheer strength of Leo’s presence, while Leo can find Virgo dull, boring and far too meek and mild. If they give one another a chance, however, this couple will soon discover that there is more to both of them that meets the other’s eye. The Royal of the zodiac, Leo wants a partner who will declare their allegiance and constantly show adoration. Wise and discriminating, Virgo is the Healer of the zodiac, and not given to public displays of undying love – but, and this bit is important, Virgo does recognise the integrity deep within Leo, and admires Leo for that. Virgo won’t offer Leo idle flattery for the sake of it, but when the Healer does praise Leo, the Royal knows that the praise is sincere and genuine. In this way, Virgo brings a dose of reality to Leo.

Young Leos usually want the flattery at any cost, but the older the Leo partner is, the more he or she will be tired of superficial attention, and will value the deeper and more meaningful attention given by Virgo. Leo and Virgo compatibility works in this instance because the Healer loves to be of service. More than anything, Virgo needs to feel needed, and Leo certainly needs Virgo’s kind of no-nonsense love. When this partnership works well, each partner will bring out the best in one another. Leo can show Virgo how to find a more joyful way of life, while Virgo can teach Leo some discrimination, to help them direct their energy in a more focused way. Virgo and Leo compatibility can benefit both members of this partnership, once they find their way past their initial differences.

Sexually, this is a warm and sensual relationship. Leo’s loving exuberance helps to thaw frosty Virgo a little (or a lot) and once Virgo feels safe in the relationship he or she feels free to let sensuality shine through – Virgo is an earth sign, after all. Both Leo and Virgo are very devoted partners once they are in love, and this relationship is notable for the honesty and sincerity both partners bring. Leo and Virgo compatibility is nothing if not straightforward, emotionally – what you see is what you get with both partners.

In this couple’s social life, they will somehow manage to balance Leo’s extrovert nature with Virgo’s more withdrawn personality, finding a happy medium which suits them both. Once well established, there is a steadiness about this relationship which is very appealing to Leo, and Virgo compatibility increases the more secure Virgo feels, so this is a partnership which can only strengthen the longer the couple are together.

Leo and Virgo Compatibility Scores

Leo and Virgo is a relationship which often presents a challenge and needs compromise on both sides. The low scores represent the initial compatibility of this match. However, if you can both adapt to the others style this is a relationship which will improve steadily over time, and eventually rival any other match.

Zodiac SignsCompatibilityLoveCommunication
Leo and VirgoMediumMediumMedium

Leo and Virgo Relationships

A date between Leo and Virgo will be chic, luxurious and classy. The first date could be the theater or exclusive concert. Followed by a romantic cafe for dessert. Leo will be dressed to kill. Virgo is less showy and appreciates practical dates like hiking, biking or a sports event. A sports event in a Skybox would suit Leo.

To attract Leo, feed their self-importance. Both sexes of Leo love admiration and adoration. Use humor, make them laugh and they will be interested. Leo’s easily draw people to them. This lover has a strong magnetic aura. But whoever caters to Leo the most will win the love match.

To attract a Virgo man, be well-dressed, conservative and dependable. The Virgo male likes classy, expensive looking women. They must be intelligent and able to dazzle Virgo with facts, this puts the conversation on Virgo’s level. Bring each conversation to a conclusion at the end. This zodiac sign does not like flashy clothes, strange behavior or blatant flirting. Astrologically, Virgo is the most desired male.

To attract a Virgo woman, be calm, neat and clean. Virgo women are attracted by rich surroundings and intelligent conversation. This zodiac sign is not easy to win. She must be courted to break through her reserved exterior. All Virgos operate daily life from their rational and practical beliefs.

A Leo is passionate and sensual in the bedroom. With a strong sex drive, the Leo lover is dominating and adventurous. Games are Leo’s forte. Once trust is built, Virgo will experiment with the Leo lover. This zodiac has strong physical desires. The Virgo lover wants tenderness from Leo in the bedroom. Virgo’s erogenous zone is the tummy and Leo’s is the back. Virgo is fearful of matrimony and needs time to analyze the situation. Leo eventually wants a permanent relationship with the right lover. Getting to the first step of a relationship requires Leo curbing the arrogance.

Needing a strong partner, Virgo is happy in the background of Leo’s dramatic personality. Leo will add vitality to Virgo’s life. This love match could be short or long. Either way, Leo and Virgo will share a lot of quality characteristics with each other.

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