Leo and Gemini Compatibility

Has zodiac royalty found the perfect court jester? That’s a little how this relationship can appear to others, with Leo and Gemini compatibility based on fun, entertainment and good humour first and foremost. It’s a boisterous, good natured relationship, with both partners by and large being happy, upbeat and optimistic by nature. Not much sulking goes on in this household, and there’s a playful vibe surrounding these two.

There is a genuine warmth between Leo and Gemini, and they share a taste for the dramatic and for both entertaining and being entertained. They are both social creatures too, so this will be a relationship surrounded by many friends; indeed, this couple can excel at social climbing too, and will exploit an extended network of contacts for their mutual benefit. Leo and Gemini compatibility means that both partners share similar ambitions, so this aspect of their partnership works well.

What Leo, the mythological Royal, wants more than anything is to be adored. Fortunately, Gemini, the archetypal Communicator, excels at flattery and can make Leo feel like the most special person on the planet. Leo reciprocates, being enchanted by Gemini’s wit and energy – the perfect audience Gemini craves. It’s certainly a relationship of high spirits and boundless energy, but it’s not the most physically passionate pairing. Leo and Gemini compatibility can run into its first problems in the bedroom, where Leo’s ardent passion is often rebuffed by a Gemini too busy with other interests.

This is a fire/air combination, however these elements normally mix well. As fire needs air to burn, so Leo needs Gemini’s attention and mental energy in order to flourish. Note that air does not need fire, though – although to outsiders it may appear that the Leo partner is dominant in this relationship, it’s actually Gemini pulling the strings behind the scenes. As well as Gemini strokes Leo’s ego, the Communicator is just as able to draw blood with a careless – or deliberate – caustic comment. Leo is terribly hurt by Gemini’s verbal onslaughts at times, and probably doesn’t understand where it all comes from. Even when Leo and Gemini compatibility works well, there’s usually only one winner in the couple’s arguments, and that’s Gemini.

Leo and Gemini Compatibility Scores

Gemini and Leo can be a fun and harmonious match, often resembling a TV comedy show (in a good way)! You’re both very outgoing and sociable, and both enjoy being the center of attention. You’ll probably have a lot of fun competing with each other for center stage.

Zodiac SignsCompatibilityLoveCommunication
Leo and GeminiHighHighHigh

Leo and Gemini Relationships

The perfect first date for Leo and Gemini is a musical play, and a late night romantic dinner. Leos love celebrations and music, Gemini loves magical, fun activities. Leo will dress up for the occasion. First impressions count so Gemini will look chic, as well.

Leo will put Gemini on the spot with questions that are actually a screening test. Don’t act or be a show off, Leo just wants to know his potential love relationship right away. Overall, this will be an adventurous date so neither zodiac sign needs be too conservative but not wild.

To attract a Leo pass the test. Dress classy and buy tickets to upscale events. Leo believes in the very best, nothing second-rate. People will always be attracted to this zodiac sign’s magnetic aura. Compliments and adoration will attract Leo. Leo will always require some independence.

To attract a Gemini, display a love for adventure. Share travel stories and adventures. Keep up with Gemini’s high physical and mental activity. A Gemini lover knows the art of conversation. Knowledgeable about a broad range of topics, Leo must be well read to match an intellectual pace.

The Gemini is a passionate and physical lover. In or out of the bedroom, sex talk is given and received regularly and descriptively. The sensual connection is the hands and arms while Leo’s is his back. Both are responsive to sensual stimulation in and out of the bedroom.

Leo wants a relationship to be permanent once maturity sets in and the perfect love match has been found. While Gemini is fickle, a little effort could make this a long-term relationship. If Gemini is late let it slide, sometimes. It’s probably due to some distraction.

Participate in a variety of activities. Gemini loves variety, so changes in dating, trips, even hairstyles are winners. Gemini needs to treat Leo right. Pile on the compliments and appreciation; a little adoration for this lover would help, too. Overall Leo and Gemini are very compatible and if the relationship deepens it might even lead to marriage.

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