Snake Leo

In the animal kingdom, jackals are often mistakenly thought of as lazy scavengers who don’t like to take risks or venture outside of their own territory. In the Zodiac, those born under the sign of the Snake Leo are often misrepresented in the same way. To be fair, members of this sign don’t like to take risks, feel most comfortable on their own turf, and favor long-term survival over momentary satisfaction. But to consider these traits as negatives is to misunderstand the Snake Leo completely.

Snake Leos are notoriously hard to read. On the outside they often look bored, disinterested, and lazy. On the inside, however, they are constantly re-evaluating situations and making plans for the future. Snake Leos have a deep-seeded need for long-term security that heavily influences most of their behavior. To a member of this sign, being secure means being able to live day to day on autopilot - having a comfortable routine that they can change at their whim but will always be there for them to fall back on.

They don’t mind living in squalor and eating scraps if it leads to an eventual reality of comfortable, if not extravagant living. In truth, Snake Leos desire the finest homes, possessions, food, and drink. Though they can be self-indulgent, they will never sacrifice their future security for momentary bliss. Everything Snake Leos do is in an attempt to realize the fantasy of being set comfortably for life.

Those born under this sign have a hard time living in the moment, and are prone to depression and sulking because their goal seems so far away. Snake Leos need to learn to take pleasure in each day and not just use it as a platform to get closer to their future. If they don’t, they risk missing out on their own lives as they are living them.

Snake Leo Traits

Like all Leos, you’ve magnetism and charm. But with this structure, these qualities are brought to the highest point. Few people can have your easiness in life, your aptitude for winning friends and acquaintances. Friendship and society life holds a large place in the unfolding of your destiny. You can’t not bear not being loved, and will always know how to arouse innumerable attachments or unswerving devotions.

Having a deep sense of esthetics and much good taste, you’re all naturally attracted by artistic jobs or those related to beauty under all its forms. You can also do well in dancing, show business, cinema. All that’s related to luxury, public relations, or leisure time can be a source of profit for you. Love or even marriage can be a help to your success. However, there can be frequent changes in your professional life.

In love, it’s rather you who let yourself be loved. You must refrain from too early marriage or the one decided too suddenly. Marriage, with all the social and mundane advantages that come from it, constitutes the basis of your happiness; a judicious choice is therefore essential. Your faithfulness is shaky, but you always manage of make yourself forgiven because your oaths seem to be so sincere!

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