Rat Leo

Combining the ambition and cunning of the Rat with the stubborn persistence of the Taurus, those born under the Zodiac sign of the Rat Leo are capable of creating great success in their lifetimes. Both highly capable and strong-willed, members of this sign are willing to take the risks necessary to lead them to their goals.

These traits represent both the best and worst sides of the Rat Leo. Their strong work ethic and enthusiasm for achievement help them immensely when it comes to getting what they want out of life. At the same time Rat Leos are often too willing to sacrifice anything and everything in order to accomplish what they have their minds set on. Some may even reach the very edge of ethical and moral boundaries if need be, though luckily they are usually smart enough to know not to cross the legal ones.

Once Rat Leos become focused on a goal, there is simply no stopping them unless they choose to stop themselves. Though not patient in the classic sense of the word, they are willing to take each step one at a time in order to build the foundation for their success. This is often the difference between this sign and others who seek success. Even though they want the glory and riches as soon as possible, Rat Leos inherently know that it will take time to get where they want to go, and are willing to wait if it gives them a better shot at having it all.

Rat Leos have great instincts. They understand people very well and will often partner up with others to reach higher levels of success. Witty, imaginative, and charming, they are surprisingly skilled at convincing others to join them on their road to greatness. Usually they will stay loyal to their comrades, though they will not hesitate to do what is necessary to keep their dreams alive. The “big picture” is the only picture for a Rat Leo.

Interestingly, in the animal kingdom, the typically vegetarian squirrel has been found to prey on other small animals if need be. Though this is rare, it clearly represents the singular focus and survival instincts of the animal which represents those born under its sign.

Rat Leo Traits

You’re always on the go for the conquest of the entire world! Everything interests you, and you interest all those who’re in relation with you thanks to your intelligence, your know-how, and your personal radiance. You’ve easy contacts with the exterior world and a certain ascendancy on others.

Gifted for a thousand things, you don’t want to delve deeply in any, whence certain superficiality which, however, does not harm your charm in whatever way. You also show strong tendencies to reverie and indiscipline, sometimes to living on the fringes of society or in dispersion.

Your destiny is often dependent on the strong influence of your brothers or sisters, if you have any. You also have the possibility of making brilliant studies. Your worst shortcoming is to be very extravagant, even though your familial milieu or your means is modest.

You can draw great material advantages from your gifts as an intermediary or from your numerous relations. It’s short-term engagements or seasonal jobs that suit you best. In fact, all kinds of gifts exist in you, and the choice is very difficult. It’s often hazard that decides your career orientation and that assures your success.

You’re more easily moved by the mind than by sentiments, but you know how to please and attract interest. Many successful affairs of the heart stand out as milestones in your life. In amorous union, you want to share a brilliant and active social life.

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