Rabbit Leo

Those born under the sign of the Rabbit Leos are friendly, reserved, stylish, and sensitive. Like their animal namesake they can be shy and defensive, especially in unfamiliar situations, but once they open up to you they are great friends to have around.

It usually takes a while to get to know a Rabbit Leos. It’s not because they are unfriendly or impolite - in fact they value manners and politeness very highly - it’s just that they don’t talk about themselves very much and tend to be very uncomfortable in unfamiliar places or with unfamiliar people. Those with the patience to get to know them on their terms will find them to be very warm, friendly, and well-mannered. They don’t like to say bad things about anyone, and equally don’t like bad things said about them. If you become very close friends with a Rabbit Leos you will find that they are welcoming hosts, engaging conversationalists, and imaginative thinkers with a lot more to say than one would expect.

Rabbit Leos like to do things their own way and on their own terms. They are surprisingly stubborn and determined for having such an easygoing nature. They don’t need to brag about how good they are at something - they just go out and succeed. Rabbit Leos have creative minds and are more ambitious than they appear. While others are out socializing, Rabbit Leos often spend a lot of time on their own mastering their craft or learning a new skill.

Rabbit Leo Traits

One can always wonder if the element Rabbit in this structure is advantageous or disadvantageous to the element Leo. If the Rabbit gives the Leo realism and practical sense, it may curb the development of a personality which only wants to bloom and assert itself.

In any case, you’re an individual who is very proud, who likes efficacy, and who despises incapable people. You willingly take care of other people’s affairs and do great services for the community, with magnanimity and panache. You often take risks, but they are carefully calculated and controlled. You’ve a taste for the secret, an authority marked with diplomacy, eloquence, and persuasion.

You’ve the sense of business and good ideas in the financial domain. But you’re more efficacious in association or as a subordinate than in purely independent undertakings. You’re principally made for doing jobs of confidence or playing the role of the power behind the throne. You often have two activities simultaneously, one of them being a sham.

As far as sentiments are concerned, you’re rather hesitant and complex. This can make you miss good occasions in your amorous quest. You need a partner in whom you would have complete confidence, who would support you, and who would have the same objectives and interests as yours.

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