Pig Leo

Those born under the sign of the Pig Leo are strong, determined, sensitive, and stubborn. While they may not show their sensitive side to others, it is there - hidden beneath a layer of friendly manners they always keep on the surface. Pig Leos tend to be rather quiet, and even antisocial, until you get to know them - or rather, until they get to know you. Members of this sign prefer to quietly observe until they feel comfortable with the group. Once you get them going, though, this is actually quite a social sign that gets along well with many different types of people.

Pig Leos are smarter, stronger, and more agile than others expect. This sign can be painfully over-indulgent and procrastinating to the point that others wonder how it is they get by day to day. Once a Pig Leo has made up its mind, however, there is nothing that can stop them from getting what they want. This is where their slow determination and stubborn refusal to let anything stop them give them their great strength.

Pig Leos prefer familiar people and places. They are fond of luxuries and usually have well-kept homes where they enjoy hosting parties. A Pig Leo will always have great food, wine, and desserts on hand, as they do like to indulge in worldly pleasures a bit too much. Hosting parties and entertaining guests is where they shine the most. They prefer this very strongly over going out to clubs or bars or anywhere else loud or crowded.

Pig Leo Traits

You, a Leo/Pig, don’t quite resemble a pure Pig. Indeed, your combination possesses more ardor of will, more self-confidence, and also more aggressiveness. You experience few setbacks in your life — one would say that everything is granted to you in advance. Your chances are enormous and frequent, principally because of your rich creative possibilities, your sensitiveness, and your imagination, which you know marvelously how to exploit. Let’s not forget the essential role of money, which comes easily to you; your generosity and largesse facilitate your way to success in all fields.

Your professional life is marked with constructive action. Loving your ease and comfort, you obtain them without much difficulty thanks to a first-rate situation. You can become an enterprising and dynamic captain of industry or businessman/woman. It’s not difficult for you to get the limelight, to make a success of big affairs, or to realize huge incomes.

Generally, you get married late because you had numerous adventures in your early youth, and also because you’re profoundly attached to your family, notably to your mother. Love, just like prestige, plays a great role in the course of your destiny. Whatever you may think, it’s in your home that you can find the most satisfactions. You adore your children, and they adore you too; they finally become your reason for living.

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