Ox Leo

Stubborn determination is the hallmark of the Ox Leo. Those born under this sign simply do not accept “no” for an answer. Hard work and dedication to a cause will earn you the highest respect in a Ox Leo’s eyes. Members of this sign tend to see things as “black or white”, meaning that there is rarely a middle ground to any situation. People’s actions are either right or wrong, things are either good or bad, people are either hard workers or lazy slobs. The word “compromise” does not exist in the vocabulary of a Ox Leo. They know how they feel and have no reason to question it.

Ox Leos hate change. They prefer a steady, dependable routine where they can focus their efforts on moving forward one day at a time. Working is where they feel the most comfortable, whether in their career or on their homes, in their gardens, or on their hobbies. Ox Leos tend to live for their future goals rather than for the moment, and it can take a lot of convincing to get them to take a break. It’s too bad, too, because a well-rested and serene Ox Leo can be one of the best companions to have around. Finding a balance between work and life, or rather living for the future versus living for the present, should be an important goal for everyone born under this sign.

It is notable that some of history’s most notorious dictators were Ox Leos. This, of course, doesn’t mean that Ox Leos are evil or inhumane. Rather, comparing these former leaders shows that many Ox Leos share the trait of having a steadfast and uncompromising world view that they truly believe is best for all others to follow. The otherwise quiet and thoughtful Ox Leo can become quite emphatic in sharing their passionate political viewpoints. One of this sign’s major life purposes is to learn to see past their own point of view and accepting the ideas of others, even if they personally disagree with them.

Ox Leo Traits

Action is your reason for living — you must always act, for good if possible, if not for evil. In any case, you’ve the good will to serve the community, without however forgetting your personal interests and above all your glory. Is it for this reason that your destiny is often serrated?

Hazard plays a rather important role in your existence. But other decisive elements also appear regularly — very strong influence of your native country, your childhood, your parents, and above all the paternal image, or help from your family at the start, for instance.

Very much gifted for business, you’re devoured by the desire for success. Money comes to you rather spontaneously, but also goes away easily because of your taste for prestige or for costly pleasures. You’ve the makings of a great financier or a well-inspired artist.

Your life is full of passionate or tumultuous love affairs, which can blind you or make you commit errors. You’re a little too possessive and egoistic, which can render your conjugal life chaotic. But you appear to be surprisingly weak when it comes to your senses. In spite of your strong sensuality, you can show faithfulness and constancy.

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