Monkey Leo

A mix of headstrong self-assurance and passionate determination, those born under the sign of the Monkey Leo have the ability to influence the society and culture around them just by doing what they do best. Monkey Leos are smart, confident, and driven. They have huge imaginations and love to learn new things. They are puzzle-solvers by nature, and though they are not typically all that focused in their everyday lives, members of this sign can become fixated on getting the results that they want.

Monkey Leos don’t just have hobbies, they have obsessions. They are rarely intentionally ambitious, rather their success comes from following their passions with such endless devotion that they can’t help but become masters of their craft. This is when the best aspects of an Monkey Leo come forth. If they were to stop and try to intentionally calculate their next steps to success they would become overwhelmed and fall apart. Indeed there are two different kinds of Monkey Leos - those that unconsciously move forward on their own special path and those who are constantly searching for the next high.

This is the big danger for those born under this sign. Their purpose in life is to follow their hearts and their instincts. Every time they try to control the direction that they are naturally flowing in, they go off course. If they let this happen too often they become completely lost in life, and wonder how everything can seem so wrong when they have been trying so hard to do everything right. Their ego is their biggest enemy, and giving in and trusting fate is the only way for them to move forward. Monkey Leos have one of the greatest opportunities, but also face one of the greatest challenges of all signs. The quality of an Monkey Leo’s life is directly correlated to their ability to let go and trust fate (and their instincts) to take them where they were always meant to go.

Monkey Leo Traits

You’re the scene of some flagrant contradictions, which are almost everlasting and which render you rather disconcerting. Your comportment is conservative and revolutionary at the same time. There’s a clearly narcissist and egocentric side to your character, but you’re at the same time endowed with a nature which is anxious for common welfare.

Your human relationships are conducted under the sign of great sincerity and perfect loyalty, and yet you jealously preserve your independence. You’ve the sense of friendship, but can never forgive humiliation or treachery. You’ve a strong tendency to eccentricity — you like not to do things the way other people do, and show a taste for contradiction and provocation.

You try relentlessly to succeed in the professional and social field, stimulated in this by competition. Your efficacy reaches its peak if you’re at the head of a movement or a business firm. Your intuitions are rather shaky — they can give sometimes lucrative, sometimes disastrous results.

Your love affairs are romantic and generally take place in conditions full of unforeseen or unexpected events. You clearly prefer free union to stable marriage. But you’ve a good sense of responsibilities toward your beloved ones.

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