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Leo is the fifth astrological sign and Sun is the ruling planet for this zodiac sign. Fire is main element for this zodiac sign. The prime gemstone for this astrological sign is Peridot. People who have born in between July 23 – August 23 comes under this astrological sign. Peridot is the recommended gemstone for this sign, but there are various other stones are also related with this zodiac sign like Sardonyx, Onyx, Diamond, Carnelian and Ruby.

The Peridot is an amazing gemstone that has unique features and colors, fine classic crystalline texture. Peridot concerned gemstone for this astrological sign has many impact on the personality of Leo. Leo person have some fantastic characteristics and qualities like they are considered honest, tolerant, excited, Enthusiastic, but they have some demerits in their personality like inflexible and oppressor.

Peridot is traditionally used in jewelery since centuries, this gemstone reflect energies from the sun. This gemstone has many qualities and lives influence on Leo personalities such as enhance truthfulness, reliability, romance, popularity and protection. However, Peridot has some effective healing properties in lungs and respiratory problems and similarly it cure lymphatic issues.

Leo are thoughtful and they expected others to fair, they are always loyal and sympathetic. Everybody knows that Leo personality are real friend and helper. Leo are natural leaders and pioneer that is why people get guideline from the personalities of this astrological sign. Peridot is the birthstone recommended for the Leo person and it is also for 16th wedding anniversary. This gemstone has different point of views regarding its features and qualities. Peridot is known as “the gem of the sun”, by the Egyptians, The Hawaiians point of view about this gemstone was that it was a tear of Goddess Pelè. The Romans thought that this gemstone reject evil spirits.

Peridot is available in many shades of green and it mostly comes from Australia, Brazil, Burma, Kenya, Mexico, Sri Lanka and Arizona to some extent. Pakistan also produces deep green color Peridot from Himalayan mountains range. Peridot has many properties that increases Leo qualities and release negative thoughts. It is considered that the Leo are pioneer and they guide the people, while this stone enhance this quality. Leo are very much concern about their dignity and good popularity. However, this gemstone is believed that it enhances this characteristic in Leo personalities.

The color of this gemstone is related to healing properties and features, it detoxification the internal part of the body from the various toxicities. Peridot helps in many health disorders like constipation, and irritable bowel syndrome, but it is also effective in insect bites. Moreover, it is best for skin issues and depress conditions. Peridot increases confidence level and decreases aggression and fears in lives of Leo person. It was believed that the stone Peridot brings health, wealth, peace and calm sleep. The chemical ingredients of this gemstone are (Mg, Fe)2SiO4 and have pale lime green color.

The Peridot is made up by magnesium and iron along with silica combined with oxygen, but some time it has nickel and chromium is in it that, while chromium gives it beautiful green hue. The more concentration of iron in this gemstone gives it yellow shade. The hardness of this valuable gemstone is 6.5 to 7 on the Moh’s hardness scale, Peridot some time called olivine by the name of mineral. This gemstone not available in every part of the world, but extracted from the regions where rocks contain iron or magnesium. The mixing of various impurities gives this stone a new look and luster especially olive green color of this gemstone is amazing and attractive.

Leo Gemstone Meaning

The list below of astrological birthstones for Leo, covers a good number of the stones that are known to be of benefit to anyone born within this star sign.

Garnet: garnet strengthen the will power and patience of Leo. This balancing sexual energy so he can feel the deepest pleasures of love. This gemstone has positive effects that will also make it felt in his life.

Diamond: Diamond is gemstone with bright light, this stone will help Leo to remember the true leadership service his own, both in personal projects or professional. Diamond maybe the best love gemstone for Leo, but it will work well if use by girl. Diamond will help radiate inner beauty well.

Topaz: Topaz is best gemstone for Leo besides onyx. Leo must have this stone, especially pink topaz. Topaz will bring good luck for this zodiac sign. This is lucky gem for Leo. It promotes sincerity and honesty to get success in business and personal.

Tourmaline: There is a particularly strong influence on the stone for Leo. Its structure parallel light rays and convert them into positive energy. Therefore, tourmaline is an immediate use for Leo’s especially psychosomatic disorders. This is a very good healing gemstone for Leo to treat back pain.

Rock crystal: Rock crystal will help strength and peace mind with positive vibration intensity. This is a stone that will help Leo to control its temper. In times of adversity, this stone help his natural confidence and optimism back.

Larimar: this stone helps to solve old problems of Leo and prevent negative energy that can cast a shadow over his mood. Larimar is secret Leo stone. This gemstone will work well if use by young. Advised not wearing larimar stone after 4o years old.

Tiger’s eye: Tiger’s eye stone maybe the best gemstone for Leo, but this gemstone only work if use by men. These gemstones help enhance mental strength and help him be more inward-looking. Overcome the weaknesses and limitations.

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