Leo Baby

Leo from infancy feels like a winner. He is very fond of being in the spotlight, and looks at adults with patience, generously. Leo baby smiles a lot, literally fascinating all the surrounding people. He very quickly becomes very demanding, and announces the district with a loud roar, when he is not in a hurry to feed or pick up. The kid is not inclined to be capricious, but he is very fond of comfort, convenience, and therefore he will demand a roar to change his diaper or fix the blanket. The egocentrism of the Leo can develop into the most hypertrophied form, if the parents begin to indulge him in everything, giving him toys or food on demand.

Little Leo very soon is able to establish himself in the opinion that the whole world around exists specifically for him, and because of this in his life will begin to encounter great problems. You do not need to bounce to any call of the Leo, unless it is connected with his physical difficulties — for example, with wet panties. Gradually parents should bring up patience in him, ability to wait, listen. Already from the very childhood with Leo you need to talk quietly, explaining to him why parents forbid or delay listening to the calm timbre of the voice, and he himself began to follow his demanding cry.

Little Leo is able to contemplate the world around him, his games can be mobile, active, and creative, logical. He can spend a long time collecting pyramids or building towers from cubes, but after a while will be worn like an angry, demanding communication with adults. Even falling and bruising, Leo baby rarely cries. It is very important for the Leo-kid to alternate active and passive activities so that he can lose his energy and develop his creative potential in constructive activity. Little Leo loves space, and, having learned to walk, will not sit for hours in the sandbox with other children, and will go to explore the world, demanding parents to go further and further. Leo does not like pain and difficulties — he can overcome all this, trying to see as much as possible.

Toys are usually small, Leo chooses himself, and his choice is always unpredictable — sometimes he wants to get bright, colorful sets for design, and sometimes his attention stops on a plain-looking plush monkey that he feels sorry for, and so the kid must certainly bring it and Store home. Little Leo likes to play with household items — builds houses from chairs, plays on pots, like a drum, and sometimes asks to buy a sponge to make a ship out of her house ...

The Leo needs praise and approval, he always wants to hear good words in his address, so do not forget to praise him for his good deeds and his small victories — he will always be very proud and happy! But what the Leo does not like is the limitations of his freedom. His independent character will always demand independence in business, and adults should respect the baby in this endeavor, and help him only when he really needs it. By imposing bans on something, parents should offer the child an alternative to this, for example, if the kid wants to run around the puddles — promise to take the rubber boots for the next walk, in which he can do it.

Leo Boys

Playful Leo cub looks very nice, and therefore parents sometimes forget that at times it is necessary to keep him in severity. Parents need to help the Leo cub to develop his strength and channel it into a constructive channel. Sometimes you will undoubtedly feel like a Leo tamer, especially in the midst of home battles, but it’s worth Leo to turn to you with his radiant smile, your heart will begin to melt.

If Leo believes that he lacks attention — and for this sign, lack of attention is tantamount to neglect — he will be ready for anything, so long as you notice it. Leo has a feeling that he exists only when he is looked at, or even better - admired by him. He will not resist the temptation to show off, he knows how to get the attention of spectators. It is important for such a child to have an arena where he feels himself to be a recognized favorite. The Leo, who is forced to live in the shadow, will in the subsequent life constantly strive for the missing attention and become more exacting with every minute.

Energetic Leo-boys need to release steam from time to time. Being a sign of fire, Leo loves the challenge and is able to enter into a desperate struggle, having managed to grab a tidbit. Because of the natural desire to dominate, he sometimes becomes overly domineering, but in reality he only checks how far he can go. Finding the boundary of his capabilities, Leo sighs with relief, as he has reverence for power.

Leo Girls

Little Lioness rehearses the role of Queen. While practicing the majestic arm of the hand, she checks from time to time whether she is able to force you, her loyal subject, to run errands! Daughter Lioness is very easy to spoil, she seeks to win and rejoices when her caprices are indulged. When any events compel her to understand that she is an ordinary human being, the Lioness grimaces and sulks like a diva. But she does not know how to frown for a long time: soon the sun comes out from behind the clouds again.

How to praise the Leo, and you have to flatter incessantly. In fact, flattery is the water needed to make your bud baby blossom. Lionesses girls, who are forced to hide their dignity in childhood, are a sad sight in later years. Leo boldness in them is hidden under the guise of shyness, they are constantly holding back and feeling like in a cage. That this proud girl believes in herself, it is necessary that you first believed in her.

Her energy and spontaneous outbursts of fun can illuminate the world. You can be sure: if the Lioness girl woven a wreath to you, you will never see a more perfect wreath. She will just give it to you, she is generous, and you will be touched to the depths of the soul, considering that you occupy a special place in her heart. The appearance of a princess in the family will inevitably revive all her loved ones!

Advice for parents of the Leo-childs

Bringing up Leo children, it should be remembered that it is incredibly difficult for them to obey. They always want to be the first in everything, they consider themselves right, that’s why it is extremely difficult to convince them in any way. In their relationship, violence is simply unthinkable. Leos are born very proud, and if this does not work, then from the engine of development, this trait will turn into narcissism and incredible selfishness. Leo needs to be taught the idea that all of his virtues should be directed to the benefit of others.

Even small Leos are very indifferent to praise and flattery. Compliments for them should not be regretted, the subject of approval can be everything, from the outward appearance and ending with the point of view of any question. On the other hand, one should not praise them without ground: it will develop a propensity for self-admiration and strengthen the opinion that the Leo is right even when it is not right. The house where the Leo baby grows should be open to guests, friends. Such children are crazy about all sorts of family holidays, parties, because they provide a lot of opportunities to show themselves to the public. It is necessary that during the holiday this child should be given, if not the main, then not a "third-rate" role.

It is extremely important for the upbringing of a warm, respectful relationship with the father. This is an authoritative figure in the eyes of a Leo child, and she plays a significant role in his life. In order not to discourage the child from a natural inclination to support others, all such attempts should be emphasized and appreciated. The key moment in the upbringing of the Leo child is the distraction of his attention from his own person to the development of positive qualities of the person and respect for other people. In this case, the best makings of the representatives of this sign of the Zodiac are revealed.

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