Leo September 2020 Horoscope

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A practical approach opens the best avenues for exercising your creativity and enthusiasm, and its self-expression that takes center stage. Whether you’re involved in the arts, politics or family affairs, your words and actions make a strong impression.
Recreation and sports spark your enthusiasm about staying active. A fun- loving approach to fitness not only generates energy, but inspires you to take on invigorating challenges. Honor your limitations when necessary.
If you’ve reached the end of a relationship, there could be fallout, but if you’re working toward renewed commitment it’s important to concentrate on making changes instead of repeating the same old mistakes. To keep the fires of love burning brightly, allow your passion for your lover to guide you.
Open communication strengthens your affection during the Moon on September 25 when you might enjoy a memorable weekend away.
Details of budgets and financial plans expose the truth of what you need to do, and setting up better arrangements during the Moon on September 9 assures more productive results. Money can be a little tight until after September 21, when an unexpected windfall or possibility with a partner gives you hope and opens new doors. Make presentations, start campaigns or launch proposals from September 16 to 24.
Consider eliminating activities or products that aren’t performing up to par this month, so you can turn your energy to something more productive.

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