Leo November 2019 Horoscope

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Your momentum is still strong, but you may need to do some fine-tuning to keep things as you want them to be. Projects close to home may need more of your attention.

Your vitality is powerful through the 8th, and then you may feel like slowing down a bit. Watch your limitations after the 23rd, when you may tend to underestimate your body's responses.

Romantic encounters from the 1st—9th may be short, but sweet.

Even if you're busy working, you'll at least find time to flirt. Be sure that you don't ruffle the wrong feathers by turning on your charm!

Parents or family may need extra attention during the Moon on the 14th, and you may long for the comforts of home. Your romantic spirit sparks from the 20th—30th, with a fresh approach to love emerging during the Moon on the 29th.

Speculative ventures fare well this month, and you may even see some profits from long-term investments mid month. You have a chance to make improvements in your work environment, and there may be some restlessness in the ranks.

Power struggles can seem threatening after the 23rd, but you can handle them with your calm focus and self-control. You may even be responsible for some of the conflict, only because it's time to clear the air. Working cooperatively with others may be your aim, but not the reality. Address issues about work after the 23rd in order to accomplish necessary improvements.

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