Leo May 2020 Horoscope

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The groundwork you’ve carefully laid (and probably thought had gone to waste) makes a significant difference in your progress toward your long-range goals. Your experience and expertise set you aside from your competitors.
Getting back to nature adds vibrancy, and travel can be inspirational on every level. Target a place embraced by the spirit of beauty, for that experience can be exceptionally healing.
A bit of conflict between your partner and your family can challenge you to redefine your loyalties. Although the situation gets a bit gritty during the Moon on May 15, by taking a stand that strengthens your needs for growth you can influence positive change. Friends are a godsend after May 22, and offer special insights about your love life. Romance is highlighted during the Moon on May 30.
Advancement or recognition in your career encourages you to set new goals. If you don’t feel you’re up to the challenge of greater responsibility, take a second look at your priorities and eliminate the things that simply sap your energy and time. By investing high-quality energy in your work, you’ll improve your rewards and satisfy a deeper need for inner satisfaction.
Finances improve, but it’s tempting to overspend after May 20.
Accepting the increased responsibilities that accompany career advancement is necessary if you are to see the changes that will stabilize your position and your financial picture.

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