Leo May 2019 Horoscope

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Career satisfaction may correlate directly with its rewards, and if you want to change that picture, it's time to determine exactly where you want to go. You'll go further if you know what you really want. Joining in a fitness class or team sport can improve your health and may also introduce you to some new friends.

By the way, Friday night parties do not, as a rule, qualify as fitness activities, but you may need more stamina to fully enjoy them! High expectations may be dashed by the intrusion of reality near the Moon (the 6th), but that doesn't have to spoil a solid relationship. However, if you've fallen for the illusion, then you have a more serious problem.

Talk over your concerns with a good friend. Love takes a new turn from the 12th—28th, and romance blooms during the Moon on the 22nd. You can be quite dazzling, so keep your dark glasses handy if you need anonymity. You may win favor with your superiors, particularly if you can help solve a perplexing problem. It's still important to be cautious when negotiating or signing contracts or during Mercury's retrograde through the 8th.

Communication improves significantly after the 18th, and you can gain popularity among peers or professional associates. Get involved in community affairs after the 21st, when your leadership steers toward progress. Keeping a clear focus on the facts while others fall victim to appearance can put you in a solid position from the 4th—13th.

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