Leo March 2020 Horoscope

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Competitive situations can lead to undermining, and by staying alert to the hidden agenda you’ll be much more effective in overcoming challenges. Finances can be like a roller coaster, but you’ll fare well if you keep your priorities in order.
Nervous energy and stress take a notch out of your vitality, and you may feel that you’re on edge most of the time. Balance these stresses through regular exercise and adequate nutrition (focus on B-vitamins during the day and relaxing herbs at night).
Turmoil or tension at home can result from moving or making unexpected repairs, but you may also be wading through emotional garbage as you let go of the past. Allow extra time for playful intimacy after the Moon on March 17, and consider the possibility of getting away from it all by the Moon on March 31. Sometimes a change in scenery lets you see things more clearly.
The Moon on March 2 brings money matters to the forefront, and you may have to repair some financial boo-boos before you feel stable and secure. Mercury’s retrograde from March 10 to April 2 gives you a chance to take another look at contracts and legal matters, and is a good time to renegotiate. Wait until next month to sign contracts, because you may not be satisfied with the options offered now.
Even though you may feel ready to move forward, there are a few bumps in the road toward progress, and you may even take a few detours. Have your contingency plans ready.

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