Leo February 2019 Horoscope

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Joint ventures, partnerships, and shared endeavors can be exceptionally rewarding and may inspire new creative directions. Celebrate the success of others.

You're looking for a different approach to fitness, and might enjoy blending a philosophical and fitness routine into one. Try t'ai chi, chi gong, martial arts, or hatha yoga for a change.

An existing partnership needs to be released from old expectations and can be reborn, or you may be ready to explore a different relationship. Allow the Moon energy on the 7th to stimulate your awareness of what can or cannot be revolutionized.

Staying stuck in stale patterns will feel like a kind of death. You're likely to be attracted to someone whose adventurous and unique spirit awakens you on every level. Look in the mirror. Maybe it's you!

Attending meetings, conferences, and professional workshops can boost your career. You can also profit from engaging in community ventures or expanding your social activities, especially from the 4th—13th.

Address financial concerns before the Moon on the 22nd to avoid getting caught in disputes. Seek out investors in a new venture from the 3rd—21st. Partnerships are an excellent source of support.

The course of your life can change as a result of your associations with others. Stay alert to the potential for innovation through cooperative ventures.

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