Leo August 2020 Horoscope

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The Leo solar eclipse sets the stage for breakthrough and renewal. Power struggles or competition with others can be intense, and if something is important, it may be time to stake a serious claim on what is rightfully yours.
Stressful situations intensify, indicating the need to maintain a clear focus on your priorities for wellness. Although you may have challenges to overcome, you can make significant strides if you maintain your focus and eliminate what you no longer need.
Breaking out of old patterns in relationship energizes you, but the manner in which you accomplish this task is crucial. Destructive actions or attitudes that leave pain in their wake resolve little. Revolutionizing your approach to relationships during the Sun’s eclipse on August 11 can be uplifting. Romantic getaways from August 10 to 15 can inspire you. Infatuation can cause more trouble than it’s worth after August 18.
Damage control may be the order of the day in career until August 10, and then communication breakdowns require extra care until August 21. Innovations can be a necessary, although disruptive, part of moving forward after August 14, and your leadership can inspire others who fear change. Choose your battles wisely after August 20, especially if they involve another’s resources, since you’re vulnerable in that area until after the Moon on August 26.
Your ability to organize and direct the action sets you apart from the crowd after August 11, although some may misunderstand your intentions unless you’re crystal clear about them.

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