Leo April 2019 Horoscope

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It's easy to waste important resources on impulse, and you can benefit from following a reasonable plan of action. Slow down—there's no hurry even though you may feel a little nervous. Tension can build from job stress, but you're in no mood to let it get you down.

Develop a fitness program that builds your strength while increasing your flexibility. Nourish your nervous system by including foods high in B-complex vitamins.

Your priorities may be changing, and your relationships need to reflect your new reality. You may need a partner who shares and understands your spiritual values, and during the Moon on the 7th you can break old barriers by learning to trust your vision for the future.

You're learning that love is your best teacher. Also be attentive to family concerns, which may be your highest priority during the Moon on the 22nd.

You may run into some schemes that seem strange, but somehow appealing, from the 1st—11th. If you need to take a second look before you make a decision, use Mercury's retrograde from April 15th—May 8th to explore all the options.

Mechanical or communication breakdowns can bring frustration from the 8th—23rd (this is not the best time to upgrade your computer!).

Applied effort pays off financially and can lead to advancement in your career.

Look toward future possibilities and make plans from the 1st—16th that will support long-term growth on every level.

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