Leo Weekly Horoscope

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Adventurous Jupiter goes into reverse in your sector of leisure and self-expression, which could be an opportunity to learn more about yourself. What do you really love to do? Discovering what brings out your playful side and what recharges you most could help you get better acquainted with your inner child. When you do, the rewards could be truly heartfelt.

At the same time, your spirit of adventure might be restricted by the sheer amount of work you have to do and the responsibilities you need to attend to. Perhaps there is a way to overcome this through delegating some of your tasks and putting less pressure on yourself to achieve. This week could bring this issue to a head, encouraging you to act.

The weekend may be more upbeat, with a chance to go on a trip or outing that brings you great pleasure. An opportunity could also be quite lucrative.

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Leo Weekly Horoscope
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