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Jupiter’s presence until the end of September in Virgo’s House will carry some problems for Leo natives, that want everything to be ready now, without previous planning. Jupiter from that position will force them to handle their business with more diplomacy and caution. They will have to look for help asking for collaboration from earth signs’ natives, in order to bring order to their lives, allowing them to be successful.

From September the 26th onwards, with the entrance of Jupiter in Leo, everything they have built on will crystallise and their efforts will be rewarded. Affective relationships will also suffer a similar process than occupations, due to Jupiter’s influence.

Your couple will force you to define your feelings and consolidate the relationships. Leo will seek for shelter in friendships, avoiding commitment whatever the cost. Regarding family, the requirements of elder people may collide with Leo’s interests.

Leo isn’t willing to take care of relatives. Its objectives will be centered in obtaining more money and social prestige, neglecting the affective part of life while chasing their economic goals.

The second half of January, with Mercury in Capricorn, Leo will receive important professional offers and possibly also establishing abroad. During March, Mercury in Aries will boost the economical undertakes, society mergers and complains for pending payments. It will also be a good moment to start new studies related with perfecting oneself professionally and as a businessman.

In the middle of the year, an economic problem will depress Leo. Natives will have to put all their energy to restart the negative experiences. Trying to avoid bitterness, Leo must act carefully and not trust their projects or responsibilities to unknown people.

In the middle of 2020, Leo must face the consequences of their own mistakes regarding affective life. October, with Saturn in Cancer and Mars and Jupiter in Leo’s House, appears as an ideal month for reconciliations, couple agreements and familiar reunions. Regarding friendships, Uranus and Neptune will provide their support for Leo to move comfortably within friends and family. Undoubtedly, they will lead the groups they integrate and be well received anywhere they go.

If Leo natives talk themselves into accepting help and delegating activities to more organized and careful people, they will be able to make this a great year. Regarding the effective field, they shouldn’t underestimate those they appreciate them the most. In the end of the year, with the presence of Mars in Aries, Leo will be able to close deals or beginning grupal works that will lead to economic improvements.

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Leo 2020 Horoscope
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