Leo Monthly Horoscope

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Prepare for your professional life to shoot off like fireworks at the onset of January, Leo. Mighty Mars will be heating up your achievements and ambitions until the beginning of March. Not only will you see opportunities come your way, but you must use this firepower to charge toward your goals. You can make much progress during this window of time.

The sun will also be heating up your solar sixth house of productivity early on and unite with the goddess of the night to create a new moon on January 12. A doorway to improve your employment will open in your life. Look for new job opportunities, clients, or projects at this time, or ask your boss if you can take on more. It will aid your rise. Because this same house rules your health, exercise, and routine, this would be an excellent moment to set new fitness goals, too.

Another important theme this month centers on partnership as Mercury and Venus bring connection and pleasure for you in relationships. However, be sure to make plans and agreements as soon as you can because there is an impending Mercury retrograde that begins on the thirtieth.

To end a busy month, a full moon in your zodiac sign arrives on January 28 and allows you to take center stage. The world’s eyes will turn to you at this time. A highly important personal goal will likely culminate. Reach toward it, for it may now be yours.

Standout days: 11, 14, 20
Challenging days: 17, 23, 26

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