Leo Monthly Horoscope

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Uranus enters Taurus, your house of career and public image, bringing a change of direction you couldn’t have seen coming. This could rock your world and trigger deep insecurities, but avoid clinging to anything or anyone, especially your position or place.

Anything that falls away is revealing your real mission, catapulting you to new heights. You can’t hold back the tide, nor can you hide your light. As exposed as you may feel, flow with the changes and you can ease the transition. This is a chance to reevaluate and renegotiate important financial and personal commitments so they offer you the security you need.

At its depth, this is a process of ego death and resurrection. Clarify your values, keep your perspective, and remain detached and you can reclaim your power to make wise choices that redirect the progression of your life. Your dedication, commitment, and ability to stay the course (even when the world is falling apart) are inspiring. It won’t be long before people notice your genius. Have more faith in yourself, stay humble, and you will be elevated.

Standout days: 9, 14, 20
Challenging days: 6, 13, 22

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Leo Monthly Horoscope
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