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With so much planetary energy invigorating you, Leo, you’ll certainly adore August. While you are obviously within your solar return—the time when the sun once again crosses the point where it was at your birth—you are now able to better establish the patterns you’d like to continue in the coming year. Your solar return is a snapshot of what’s in store, so use this time to meditate upon your vision board and then go forth to create it (solar first house).

The month begins with a full moon highlighting your partnerships (solar seventh house) on August 3. This may unite you more closely with someone, perhaps by moving in, getting engaged, or forging a business agreement. It also could push you apart if you’re no longer in alignment, such as a breakup, parting of ways, or divorce. Single Leos may notice that someone with long-term potential crosses their path, so now is the time to be clear on what you want in a significant other.

Mercury enters your sun sign on the fourth, bringing you mental clarity (solar first house). Uranus, the planet of revolution, turns retrograde in your career zone on August 15, so over the coming months you may notice that the newfound paths you’d been taking to lift higher in your industry begin to slow down. This will offer you an opportunity to improve your plan of attack (solar tenth house).

The new moon on the eighteenth is the most important lunation of the year for you because it opens a door for you to create the life of your dreams. With it falling in your sun sign, you hold the power to manifest your destiny by utilizing all of the open doors now.

Finally, when the sun brings greater attention to your finances from August 22 on, expect to see prosperity ebb and flow. Your expenses will likely increase, but your ability to generate more income will also increase in the weeks ahead (solar second house).

Standout days: 16, 18, 25
Challenging days: 2, 3, 10

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