Leo 2019 Love Horoscope

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Your 7th House of Love and Marriage is a major House of Power this year - just as it has been for many years. It will be powerful for many more years to come.

Two powerful planets - Uranus and Neptune - are camped out in your House of Marriage. On the one hand they bring idealism about love - a desire for the highest and the best, a knowledge of what true love is. On the other hand they bring an experimental attitude to love - a desire to upgrade the love life and marriage constantly. All of this makes for an exciting love life, but a very unstable one.

Current and new marriages are not written in stone. Affections can change at the drop of a hat. Many of you are filled with grand visions of what is available to you, and so the partner must not only compete against what is really out there, but also against your grand visions.

Singles can marry (and remarry), married people can divorce and remarry. Love happens suddenly — out of the blue. There are many love-at-first-sight experiences. The minute you think you've found Mr or Ms Right, someone else comes along who seems 'more' right. It's very difficult for Leos to commit right now - even if they want to.

This high idealism in love has both an upside and a downside. The upside is that, because you demand more, expect more, you will attract better love opportunities. The downside is that often these ideals are so high that no human person can ever fulfil them.

And so there is disappointment. The disappointments will continue until a basic lesson is learned: Perfect love can only come from a perfect power. Humans are by nature imperfect so we cannot expect more from them than they are capable of. But if you look to the Power that loves you perfectly, you will always have perfect love.

You will become more tolerant of your human lover and things will go better between you.

Neptune will teach you to love the Higher Power in your lover, not his or her physical embodiment. This doesn't mean that you despise the physical, but that you know that the physical is only an effect of the spiritual.

There are other issues in love going on this year. Uranus in the 7th House brings a love of change, excitement, and unconventional types of relationships. Neptune brings a desire for the Divine Selection - the mate who was destined for you long before you were born.

These are, on the surface, contradictory urges. One can lead to promiscuity and playing the field, the other wants one committed, life-long marriage. But the Cosmos is very clever. As you play the field, experiment and learn from trial and error you will be processed and prepared to meet your Divine Selection. Until there is a certain amount of experience (both positive and negative) you won't be able to recognize the Divine Selection when he or she appears.

In the meantime, enjoy the gaining of experience.

Your llth House of Friendship and Group Activities becomes powerful after 1st July. Thus new and happy friendships are coming into the picture this year. These are people who are on your wavelength, with whom you have intellectual affinity. Group activities, organizations and introductions made by friends also bring romantic opportunities. The reverse is true as well: Romantic liaisons bring a whole new set of friendships.

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