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2020 is a very active and exciting area this year. Your two most important social Houses – the 7th and 11th – are Houses of Power.

Many of you have got involved in significant relationships in the past year. Those of you who haven’t are still in line for this in the coming year – especially until July 13th. We hear wedding bells.

Lucrative business partnerships/alliances or joint ventures are also in store.

Love has been unstable for many years. It’s been difficult to cope with the ups and downs and the many twists and turns. You are a very self-willed, proud person and you are attracting lovers who are equally self-willed and proud. Learning the art of compromise without loss of self-esteem has been the lesson.

Love is still unstable, but more stable this year (and for the next few years) than in the past. Everything is a matter of degree.

Much of what we have written in the past still applies this year. There is a search for the perfect love. There is great experimentation going on in the social life.

You venture into new social spheres. You are attracted to unconventional people and unconventional relationships. The more shocking the better. Many of you are taking lovers of different ethnic and social backgrounds.

All of this is part of your desire to find ‘perfect love’ through trial and error. No sooner do you meet someone who seems ideal than there is someone new, perhaps a week or a month later, who seems even better. There is a constant ‘upgrading’ of your love life.

Of course the most positive way to express this urge is to find someone with whom you can experiment and grow. Someone who is growing, improving and ‘upgrading’ him- or herself. If this lover constantly presents you with a ‘new face’, your desire for change will be fulfilled though you are still with the same person.

You have a need for both perfect freedom and perfect commitment. An oxymoron, as perfect commitment limits freedom and vice versa. Yet if you find the right person you might approximate these desires.

Affections change suddenly and unexpectedly – both at your end and your lover’s. One day you can be passionately in love and the next embroiled in a bitter feud.

It’s head- spinning how fast things can change! No wonder you find it difficult to make long-term plans. Happily, as we mentioned, things will settle down somewhat – especially after April 20th.

For many of you it’s been a case of taking love where you find it – enjoying the good times with your beloved and doing your best to enjoy the separations.

The separations are good in that you have more independence. If you can learn to enjoy both, you’ll have learned one of the important lessons of this transit.

Your love and social situation is never what you believe it to be. When you are alone and you feel that love has passed you by, then suddenly and unexpectedly someone comes into your life. Conversely, when you are enjoying the most ecstatic union and you think this will last forever, affections change and you are on your own again.

Only a spiritual perspective (which is gradually dawning for many of you) can resolve this dilemma. When you learn the true source of love and romance you will more easily weather the ups and downs. The Higher Power that loves you never wavers and never leaves – but its manifestation changes.

We have mentioned earlier that friendship is important this year too. New and significant friends have come (and are continuing to come) into the picture.

Friends can be the source of a new and serious relationship. This can be with a friend or through the introduction of friends. But as we mentioned, you’re not going to be able to increase your circle of friends ad infinitum. Saturn is going to test these friendships and leave you with only the good ones.

Singles find love on-line, through organizations and organizational meetings, group activities and astrology. It would not surprise me if your beloved turns out to be a ‘high tech’ person with a serious interest in astrology.

Those involved in a second marriage are having a crisis. We see a major power struggle from February 14th to September 8th. The relationship is in serious difficulty – but remember you both have free will.

Those looking to marry for a second time need patience this year. Those looking to marry for a third time have good aspects and good success. The opportunity is there.

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