Leo Monthly Love Horoscope

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Mercury leaves its last retrograde cycle this year and goes direct on November 3, which is great news for your love life, Leo. Thera are few things you like less than being embarrassed, and with Mercury headed forward, you should have fewer awkward verbal exchanges. Whew!

You can try your very best during the Venus-Saturn square on the ninth, but things still might not go your way. Trying usually counts for something, but your repeated pleas now might not be heard by the person you’re directing them at, which is super frustrating. Take a break and regroup before trying again.

Luckily, the sun leaves Scorpio for fellow fire sign Sagittarius on November 21, so you should get back a lot of your sparkle. You feel invincible now as you reenter the dating world after a short time away. Be playful when getting to know someone new. Your fun-loving personality is one of your best assets.

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