Leo Monthly Love Horoscope

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If you’ve been lost in an emotional whirlwind lately, don’t worry. That’s all about to change. As talkative Mercury switches things up from moody Cancer to your friendly sign on August 4, you have a lot of more positive things to talk about. Looking on the bright side is one of your strengths now, and it’s nice to have a sunnier outlook.

Romantic Venus enters the Crab’s moody sign on the seventh, though, so love will take an unavoidable emotional turn starting now. Being up one minute and down the next can take an emotional toll, but you can’t help yourself. Having a good cry might help you get it all out.

A new moon in your colorful sign on August 18 welcomes a creative energy that helps you approach new relationship goals and projects with renewed optimism. Why do things the same way you’ve always done them? Your love life benefits from this amazing and exciting new perspective going forward.

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